State of Decay Update 25 might be the most highly anticipated update to ever come to the game. It brings several features that have been long requested by the community, as well as some that are just nice to have. This guide will cover all the major changes that have been implemented with the update. If you’re familiar with the game, then you’ll probably still learn something new here. There are features that will blow your mind if you’ve not been part of the community online for that long.


State of Decay Update 25
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Sidearms are the most requested fan feature for State of Decay 2 ever. Since the game’s launch, players have been asking for sidearms or something similar. With Update 25, they’re now in the game. Each survivor has a dedicated sidearm slot for you to keep a smaller weapon handy in. You’ll still need to carry the correct type of ammunition. ( This will ensure that you can use the sidearm as much as possible, or as much as your ammo dictates.

Sidearms are generally handguns and smaller weapons. You swap to them with the “Y” or “2” button. They’re designed to work exactly how you expect them to based on experience from games like Call of Duty. These weapons are the ones you have as backup. They’ve got a full magazine that’s ready to finish off whatever targets are still alive after you’ve run out of ammo for your primary weapon. Strats will definitely change based on the addition of sidearms. We can’t wait to see how.

Outpost Upgrades

Thanks to State of Decay Update 25 it’s now possible to upgrade your Outposts. These buildings have always provided resources, but now you can really double down on them. This will allow you to acquire more resources on a regular basis and put less of an emphasis on the same systems that are in your base. It’s a shift that’s designed to mix up how people play the game. Hopefully that comes true now that the update is out.

Landmark Outposts

Each map now has a Landmark Outpost. These are Outposts that are way more powerful than others. They’ll help you gather a certain benefit much faster, and are extremely desirable. There’s a high risk and high reward payoff here though. If you want to get them, you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone. Still, the rewards are worth it.

Plague Heart Territories

Plague Heart Territories are areas of the map that you can’t claim without killing the local Plague Heart. This forces you to take them on early, since there’s been no reason to in the game before now. While it might seem like a big challenge, the rewards you get are worth the pain. You’ll find that you’ll be going after a lot more Plague Hearts over the course of your game now, and you’ll be reaping more rewards than you could possibly imagine. Just make sure that you don’t go in underprepared, otherwise you’ll probably lose a survivor or two.