Merengue is the second Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that looks a bit like food, that we’ve covered. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Merengue Villager Guide we’ll be going over everything you could possibly want to know about this Villager. We’ll even go into the things you could do without knowing.

Merengue is one of the most popular Villagers in the game. She’s worth a few thousand Nook Miles Tickets, or between 15-20 million Bells. If you hadn’t guessed it, her name comes from the word, and food, meringue. Unlike that food, which is a cooked form of egg whites with sugar that is generally served with strawberries and cream, she resembles a strawberry shortcake. She even mentions this to players who talk to her.

Who is Merengue?

Image Source: Twinfinite

Merengue first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She’s desirable because of the way she looks, and because so many players are fond of her from knowing her in the previous Animal Crossing game.

The reason that Merengue looks so much like strawberry shortcake is mainly because of her face. Her horn is the strawberry on top, which is then followed by a layer of cream, and her natural skin tone is the base. This is made even more bizarre because she’s actually a Rhino.


Merengue’s birthday is March 19. She’ll hang out in her house on this day, so you better pop by and see her. If you do, she’ll probably give you a cake, and it will do wonders for your relationship with her. If you keep nurturing that relationship, you’ll reap some really sweet rewards from it. With Merengue it’s worth doing more so than it is with many other Villagers.

Merengue’s Personality

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You’ll find it clear early on that Merengue has the normal personality type. This means that she’s going to be nice to the player more often than not. She gets on well with Villagers who have the lazy, smug, snooty, peppy, and normal personality type. However, she’ll rub Villagers with the sisterly and cranky personality type up the wrong way.

Since she has the normal personality type, Merengue is subject to two strange phenomena. First, she’s always up at 6AM. Second, she has an unseen friend called moppina. It’s widely accepted that this friend is in fact a mop, and the situation actually stems from Villagers with normal personality types enjoying their own company way too much.

Merengue’s House

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From the outside, Merengue has an extremely normal house. It doesn’t look like one that you could eat, which could be bad or good depending on how you look at it. (zolpidem)

The interior is like something out of a 1950s diner. I love this look, but some people might find it a bit old fashioned. Merengue enjoys using items such as the Chocolate Fountain, and others from the Sweets Series. She also has a Dessert Case, and a Phonograph. You have to see it to believe it, but any 50s enthusiasts will definitely find something they like about this place.

Excuse the pun, but Merengue is an extremely sweet Villager. The entire Animal Crossing community knows this, which is why so many people want her on their islands. There are even those who want a figure of her in real life. Since Nintendo hasn’t made a Merengue Amiibo just yet, some players have gone ahead and made their own.

That’s all there is to know about Merengue in Animal Crossing: New Horizons from our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Merengue Villager Guide. If there’s something that you think we missed, please do let us know in the comments. Be sure to tell us how much strawberry shortcake you consumed after meeting her for the first time as well.