Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a plethora of cheerful and energetic characters. While finding some of them is as simple as moving a few steps, others are often located on obscure locations – making them hard to locate.

Ankha’s location is – however- a mix of both. Therefore, in this guide, we will be showcasing everything there is to know about Ankha, including the method of locating her, Ankha’s personality, preferences, and more!

How To Find Ankha In New Horizons?

Unfortunately, Ankha spawns at random locations in Animal Horizons. Therefore, the only way of finding her is to use Nook Miles in order to fly around islands and manually check if she’s on one of them or not.

Alternatively, you can sit back and relax until she appears at your campsite.

How Hard Is It To Find Ankha?

Characters cycle on your island on a continuous basis, so she will eventually appear as long as you keep on playing while maintaining a check. However, there are around 400 characters, so the plausibility of meeting her is less than 1% .

Since it would take a long time to get her otherwise, you can also use an Amiibo card, as long as you got the funds for it. Either way, she’s a pretty rare find, so hang in there!

Who Is Ankha in Animal Crossing?

Ankha is a snooty cat villager who has appeared in almost every Animal Crossing series (except Animal Forest and Wild World). Possessing different roles in each game, Ankha is an islander.

How To Get Ankha
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In terms of lore, Ankha’s name is derived from Ankh, which is an Egyptian hieroglyphic for “life”. Ankha loves to devour everything cherries. Never offer apples to her; she’s pretty allergic to them.

Where To Find Ankha’s Amiibo Card?

As of yet, Ankha’s Amiibo card has only made an appearance in the Series 2 set. Therefore, you’d have to purchase that if you want to have a chance at obtaining her.

How To Get Ankha
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If you use the Amiibo Card, Ankha will automatically transfer to your Island without going through the normal process.

Ankha’s Amiibo Card Stats

Here’s everything you need to know regarding Ankha’s Amiibo Card:

  • Amiibo Card Number: 188
  • Amiibo Card Type: Normal
  • Birthday: September 22

Compatible Games

You can use Ankha’s Amiibo Card in the following games:

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
  • Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How To Invite Ankha On Your Island?

Islands have a maximum limit on the number of villagers that can be incited. You’re initially given three housing kits to place around your island.

Once the Residential Services have been upgraded, Tom Nook will give you more options regarding the island Infrastructure.

How To Get Ankha
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Using these options, you can assign a random plot of land for new villagers to use as their housing. However, do keep in mind that each allotment will cost around 10k bells.

Now that you got a piece of land for Ankha to reside in, it’s time to invite her in. Here’s what you

Inviting Ankha From Mystery Island

Once Ankha is on your mystery islands, she’ll remain there or continue to appear until your available plot of land is sold. Therefore, take a Nook Miles ticket (costs around 2000) to the airport, and fly to random islands.

Meet and start talking to Ankha there, and you’ll eventually get the option to encourage her to move to your island. Once you encourage her, she’ll purchase that vacant land, and you’re good to go!

Inviting Ankha From the Campsite

Isabelle will keep you notified of whether Ankha is visiting your campsite or not. If she does, simply head there and talk to her in order to start a game of chance.

Winning or losing doesn’t really matter here. Just keep playing the game as many times as possible. After a certain while, Ankha will decide to move to your island.

If you don’t have a piece of land, Ankha will ask you if you know any villagers that would like to move out. Specify a name to evict a specific camper to make room for Ankha to move in.

Eviction isn’t an immediate process, and it’ll take Ankha a day to move to her new place.


All in all, getting Ankha to show up and move to your island is a game of chance. Just interact with her a lot to make her like the place, and you’re good on your part.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase Ankha’s Amiibo card to get her settled instantly!