Animal Crossing features a bunch of cool but hard-to-obtain items that not only improve the aesthetics of your presents but can also prove to have a plethora of uses.

Take the Red Wrapping Paper as an example. It wraps presents, it’s red, and it’s hard to obtain. However, that only increase the number of players who are after it.

So, how do you obtain Red Wrapping Paper in Animal Crossing? We got some, and we’ll show you the way to get it too! With that said, let’s jump right in!

How To Get Red Wrapping Paper In Animal Crossing

With all of its uses and fundamentals out of the way, it’s time for us to take a look at the obtaining methods of Red Wrapping Paper.

You can only obtain Red Wrapping paper from Nook’s Cranny. This might be subject to a change in the future, but as things stand right now, the plausibility is very low.

How To Get Red Wrapping Paper In Animal Crossing
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Having said that, you can purchase it for 140 Bells – with the selling price dropping down to 60 Bells.

What Is Nook’s Cranny?

Nook’s Cranny is a Tanuki Shop present in almost every Animal Crossing game. As the name “nook and cranny” suggests, it’s pretty easy to find by using the in-game map.

You can purchase and sell items in exchange for the in-game currency at this store. Since it’s a shop you will be visiting regularly, the prices are kept balanced to ensure you’re having a balanced amount of fun and challenge.

The Red Wrapping Paper’s spawn times are random. Therefore, you might be unable to find it inside the storage cabinet at Nook’s Cranny.

In such cases, we recommend you wait for the shop to refresh, and try your luck again!

What Is The Red Wrapping Paper?

The Red Wrapping Paper, as the name suggests, is a paper used to wrap your gifts. These gifts can be furniture, flowers, or even fruits.

How To Get Red Wrapping Paper In Animal Crossing
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Since you’re giving them to villagers, they ought to look pretty, right? Thankfully, the Red Wrapping paper achieves just that.

Wrapped Gifts

An item wrapped in these Wrapping Papers has a different appearance compared to the base gift. These gifts are generally given out to villagers when they celebrate their birthdays and vice versa.

You can either give these kinds of gifts personally or just mail them and be done with it – the choice is completely yours.

What’s The Use Of Red Wrapping Paper In Animal Crossing?

The Red Wrapping Paper is used to craft specific gifts. As of yet, there’s only one kind of gift that can be obtained by using Red Crafting Paper.

How To Get Red Wrapping Paper In Animal Crossing

Having said that, its crafting recipe is as follows:

Gift Pile

You can craft a Gift Pile by using the following Materials:

  • Red Wrapping Paper: 3 Units
  • Wooden Block Toy: 1 Unit
  • Cardboard Box: 1 Unit


In short, the Red Wrapping Paper is used to wrap gifts and can be found at the Nook’s Cranny store on your island. There aren’t many crafting recipes associated with this kind of material. Therefore, getting 3 units is usually plenty!