The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla community has stumbled upon a glitch that allows players to access a new Isu bow named Nordens’ Arc. Ubisoft hasn’t made the weapon live in-game just yet, which is why in this guide, we’ll be covering how to get it through the aforementioned glitch.

Step 1 – The Unbreakable Rock

You don’t need to reach a certain point in the game’s story for this glitch to work. In fact, if you’re able to bypass all the enemies in Saxon England, you could do it as soon as you land in Ravensthorpe.

The first thing you’ll need to do is head to Eurvicscire. There’s a large lake here in the northeast corner of the map. It’s southeast of the nearest fast travel point, but you can get there just as easily by running.

Once you’re at the lake, you’ll need to reach the small island within it. You’ll find a mineral stack that it’s currently impossible to break through. No matter how much you hit it, the rocks won’t budge.

Step 2 – Save Glitch

To get Nordens’ Arc, you’re going to have to perform a glitch that requires you to save and load a few times. It’s better to create a separate save file for this in case it causes any corruption to your main save.

First, hit the rocks a few times. It doesn’t matter what weapon you use. The rocks will provide a little feedback from those hits. At this point, open the menu and save the game under a new save file.

Now you need to load that save file you just made. The rocks will still be there, so hit them again with any weapon. Now save the game again as a new save file and load it straight away.

It’s unclear if the glitch works after just two save/loads or ten, some users are reporting a mixture of both. We got it to work after two. However, at some point, you will load the game and find that the rocks are broken. The game will also notify you that you’ve just collected Norden’s Arc.

The bow is already mythical and drops at a high upgrade level so you don’t need to spend too many resources upgrading it further. On top of looking incredible, the bow increases your damage the further away you are from your enemy.

Currently this is the only known way to get Nordens’ Arc in the game. The reason that we know that it’s there is thanks to the game files, and it’s only through random glitches like this that we can actually acquire the bow.

However, it has been confirmed by Ubisoft representatives that the bow is obtainable through legitimate methods. Right now though, players haven’t come across the legitimate way to get it. It’s extremely unclear as to what you need to do, but as soon as a legitimate method is found we’re sure that it’ll be all over the community.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve used this method to grab the bow or not.