Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is filled with locations to discover, each of which has something interesting to find. Some of them are also related to quests that you’ll come across in the game throughout your time in the story. Wesberie in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of those locations. In this guide, we’ll cover where the location is, and why you might be coming across it in your time in the game.

Wesberie Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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You’ll find Wesberie In Sciropscire. It’s in Mercia, just to the left of the main town of Sciropscire. You ca see the exact location in the map above, and note that there isn’t actually anything important on the location yet. That’s because you’ll probably be coming to it as part of a quest. When you are, there will almost certainly be a quest market over the location, allowing you to find it a lot more easily.

Make sure you’re using Odin’s Sight to track down the exact location of Wesberie. It’ll really help you when trying to find the point that the game wants you to uncover.

Why do you Need to go to Wesberie?

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Finding Wesberie is part of the quest called ‘Bloody Path to Peace.’ This quest involves finding a couple of major story characters, and helping them do something that you wouldn’t get away with in real life. Burning down cottages.

It’s very much like a standard raid in the game, except you won’t be sailing to the location in your Longboat. Instead, this area is well inland, but that’s where you’ve got a helpful army lying in wait to assist you with the raid.

After this, you’ll have to take on one of the game’s bosses. This guy wields two spears, and will gut you if you’re not prepared. It’s worth knowing this before you get too far into the quest, because your power level is definitely going to matter during this of all fights.

Penultimate Quest

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The quest that you head to this location for is actually one of the preceding quests to one of the biggest moments in the game. Afterwards, you’ll be heading out to take down a familiar face, though they’re locked away in a castle that you need to siege.

This is one of the few sieges in the game, so make sure you take the opportunity with both hands and make the most of it. They’re like raids, but on a much grander scale. You can also use Eivor to move rams and push up ladders. Generally acting like a true Viking. Many players hail these as the best moments in the game.

That’s all you need to know about Wesberie in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. As we’ve mentioned, this is a tough area to find, but it’s worth it for the quest. You’ll be on your way to finishing the game soon with this out of the way. If there’s something you think we missed, tell us so in the comments.