Hitman 3 is absolutely packed with things to do. From the main story missions, through the Escalations, and user-created contracts, it’s a plethora of content to explore. Challenges add even more variety to the game, and they’re some of the most difficult in the series to date. In this guide, we’ll cover the Hitman 3 Concrete Ornithology challenge, and outline how to complete it.

How to Complete Hitman 3 Concrete Ornithology

Image Source: GosuNoob

The premise of this challenge is actually quite simple, but it’s the execution that’s difficult. It’s set in the Berlin location of Hitman 3, roughly halfway through the story. To complete it, you need to photograph all seven of the yellow birds that have been painted on walls around the area. Let’s go through each one.

You can equip Agent 47’s camera from his radial menu. Make sure you know how to use it, otherwise this challenge is going to be extremely difficult to complete.

Bird #1

Start at the red lit up entrance to the club. Now turn to the south and start walking. Use the map as a reference for what direction you’re heading in. There’s a small white van, head for that. Once there, turn right and you should see a big tanker with green paint all over it. Walk around this on the right-hand side and you’ll see the bird. It’s wearing black sunglasses.

Bird #2

Head back around the tanker and continue to head right from the white van. There should be some security guards that you need to get past. Continue along this direction until you find some lovely people wearing ostentatious masks next to some barrels. At this point, turn right and you should see a yellow bird on top of some pink letters just behind some parked cars.

Bird #3

From the point above, look left and you should see the third bird at ground level. It’s slightly hidden by a yellow dumpster, but it’s there.

Bird #4, #5

From Bird #3 head right. Walk past the security guards and keep heading for the grey container to your right. Climb the container and up to the level above it. There should be a few birds right in front of you here. Snap them all and move on.

Bird #6

From the stacked birds above, head right once again. Climb the ladder, and then the short staircase. There’s a bird under the longer staircase that you should now be able to see.

Bird #7

From the last bird, head up the stairs and through the doorway. Now look up and left, there should be a bird you can snap just there. This will actually complete the Concrete Ornithology and Bird Art challenges at the same time.

That’s all there is to know about completing this challenge. As long as you follow our guide, you should have no problem picking it up and adding it to your level mastery. This will get you closer to being 100% complete in the game, and picking up the platinum trophy, if that’s something you’re after.

If there’s an easier way to get this challenge, let us know what it is in the comments.