Back 4 Blood Veteran and Nightmare modes can be increasingly difficult especially if you are not used to this genre of games. You might struggle trying to complete the story at higher difficulties. In this Back 4 Blood beginner’s guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that should help you survive.

Back 4 Blood Tips And Tricks

The following are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Back 4 Blood:

Stick With Friends When You Can

Since this is a co-op game, you can invite a couple of friends and play together. There are parts that you need to complete on your own but in order to increase your chances of survival, we recommend bringing in your friends to help you out.

Back 4 Blood Tips

Not only can friends provide extra firepower but they can revive you when you are down as well. You are going to be knocked down multiple times at higher difficulties, so a friend is going to come in handy.

Ridden Stick To Walls

As you progress the game, you should keep an eye on the walls. There are times when Ridden are sticking to walls and they can attack you. If one lands on your ally then you can use a quick melee attack to save their life.

If you are solo then you will die. That is why tip number one is to bring a buddy along for the ride.

Heal Your Team

This is a team game and your survivability is going to depend on your team. You can and should heal your team. You will need them for extra firepower and the fact that they can revive you.

If you do not heal your mates and they end up dying then things are going to be even harder. You will wish that you healed your team rather than hoarding healing items.

You can heal from normal damage by using bandages and medkits. If you are affected by trauma damage then you will need to use a first aid station. These can be found behind supply caches. pain killers will also heal trauma damage temporarily.

Stick To The High Ground

You and your team are going to face massive hordes of zombies. Luckily there are plenty of objects around you that you can climb. These include boxes and cars. Getting the high ground will give you a strategic advantage.

Back 4 Blood Tips

You can even use rooftops to get an edge over enemies. Ridden for example are going to be easier to deal with if they need to climb in order to get to you.

Take Advantage Of The Ping System

You can use the ping system to pinpoint objects and enemies. This comes in handy if you are playing without comms but even if you can talk to your team it is very useful.

Use this to mark items that you think could benefit your team. This does not work when you are playing solo as the AI partners are not going to pick up items that you ping.

Replace Weapon Mods

Both your primary and secondary weapons have mod slots. You cannot remove a mod but you can replace it. Be sure to look out for a mod that works better than the one that you have.

At times, you will find a weapon that has a red mod on it. This is a damaged mod and it is going to have a debuff. Be sure to replace the mod if you are going to use the weapon.

Makes Things Go Boom!

You can shoot gas bottles in order to create an explosion that is going to damage enemies. This is very useful if you are up against mobs of zombies.

If you hold down the throw button when using a throwable, you will see a red highlighted area that is going to show you the area of effect for the selected throwable. Use this to see how effective your throw is going to be.

Desert Eagle One-Shots Regular Zombies

The Desert Eagle sidearm is slow and you can’t see all that clearly due to the iron sights but it can kill any regular zombie in a single shot. You do not even have to aim for the head. Any body shot is going to work. Plus, you can mod the weapon to improve its shortcomings.

Mind The Traps

While exploring you need to look out for traps that can alert enemies. Do not disturb the birds and avoid triggering alarms otherwise, you will be rushed by zombies.

These are some of the tips and tricks that we recommend keeping in mind when playing Back 4 Blood. Bring a buddy and shoot some zombies!