Century: Age of Ashes is a hot new PvP free-to-play dragon-riding game. As this is a new title, you might need some help getting started. In this Century: Age of Ashes beginner’s guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that are going to help you get started.

Century: Age Of Ashes Tips And Tricks

The following are some of the tips and tricks that we recommend you keep in mind when playing Century: Age Of Ashes:

Go Through The Tutorials

While going through the tutorial of a game is not something that players are interested in. We recommend going through them to learn the ropes.

Century: Age Of Ashes is a new kind of game and different from what you might have played, so we recommend checking out the tutorials in order to learn the basics. You need to learn the basics in order to become a dragon-riding master.

Learn To Fly

To become a dragon-rider you need to know how to fly. This is one of the core mechanics of the game that you need to learn in order to dominate your enemies.

You can practice flying in the training section. Flying is the hardest part of the game as you will be chasing dragons and be pursued by more than one at times.

Save Your Fireballs

When you see an enemy, you might be tempted to use your fireballs and that is what most new players are going to do. While that might be your first instinct, this is not something that we recommend that you do.

Century: Age Of Ashes Tips

Pick your shots wisely as the fireballs have a long cooldown which means that if you are not careful then another dragon-rider could swoop in and kill you.

Pick Up A Shield

While you might be interested in getting into the action as fast as possible, we do recommend picking up the shield beforehand. This is going to increase your survivability which in turn will allow you to get more kills. The shield gives you 50+ protection against fireballs.

Gold Is More Important In Spoils Of War

When playing the spoils of war, we recommend focusing on the objective rather than going for kills and picking battles with other dragon-riders. Return the gold as fast as possible. Use the abilities of the phantom and windguard classes in order to make the most of the mode.

How You Use Your Rage Depends On Your Class

Rage is the ultimate ability that you can use. You can fill up the rage meter by receiving damage. It does take a long time to get the ability but once you have it, you can do multiple things depending on the class that you pick.

Using rage fills up your HP which can be very useful for marauders with high health. Rage of the Windguard reduces the cooldown of its fireball attacks. The Phantom cannot be killed during rage. Keep these advantages in mind and use rage accordingly.

Bind Buttons To Look Around Quickly

You can look back by pressing shift on PC. You can bind keys to look in other directions quickly. Use this to your advantage in order to look around when you are intense situations.

Pick Up The Drake Piercer When Possible

The Drake Piercer is one of the most powerful field weapons that you can pick up in the game. It spawns at the top of the ma, so you will need to fight other players in order to get it. (Adipex) Once another player has picked it up, it is going to respawn after a couple of minutes.

You can use the weapon from a great distance and a single shot can be enough to kill an enemy. This also means that you need to keep an eye out for enemies that might be using it and stay clear of them.

These are some of the tips and tricks that we recommend keeping in mind when playing Century: Age Of Ashes.