Going Medieval is a medieval management game in which you take control of a group of settlers and must help them survive and thrive. You’ll need to have them construct buildings, heal each other, battle against raiders, hunt, cook, and so much more. The game is out now in early access, but the developers already have so much more planned for it over the coming year. In this Going Medieval Roadmap 2021 guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about what’s coming to the game over the course of its early access.

Going Medieval Roadmap 2021

Going Medieval Roadmap 2021
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There’s a lot to cover in this roadmap, so we’re going to go through each detail and describe what we believe it will look like in the final game. However, please remember that we’re not the developers, so some features may look different to how we describe them. We do play the game a lot however, so we have a fairly good idea of what these changes will look like when they’re finally added.

Accumulating Snow

When it snows in Going Medieval, it scatters white powder on the floor. This is like a light covering of snow, even in a cold snap. This change will likely make snow pile up more, meaning that it won’t melt away in the day, and it’ll cause more issues for settlers as it gets worse. For example, presenting an actual problem for settlers suffering from the cold.


There are no ruins in the game at the moment, just holes in the ground in each seed. This update will probably add some ruined buildings that you can build a base around. They might even relate to past battles if you use the same seed after failing on it.

Natural Caves

As we’ve mentioned, there are just holes in the ground at the time of writing in Going Medieval. This update will add actual caves for settlers to explore or occupy. It might even offer a good place to build a base around or hide in eventually. This could come into play when some settlers need a place to recover that’s away from any action or raids.

Fire and Flammability

Fire isn’t really an issue in this game at launch. Once this update has hit, it will be though. fire will be part of combat, and it will probably be something that you have to keep an eye on when using it indoors. It will help keep spaces warm, but it could also destroy them if not cared for in the right way. Fire spreads, so that will also be something that’s probably added over the course of time. Whether it’s over multiple updates remains to be seen.

Organic Dirt Paths

Anyone who lives in the countryside knows that footpaths tend to be organically formed as more and more people use them. They get a bit overgrown in summer, but they’re generally always dirt because of the years of stamping they’ve seen. This update will probably make the paths that settlers take wear out over time. If they’re moving between lots of places in the same way, it might even make it easier for them once the path has been organically created.

Trading and Merchants

There’s no trading system in Gong Medieval at this moment in time. However, it could definitely do with one. We think that this update will allow you to trade with other villages, creating an in-game economy. There could also be roaming merchants who will trade for specific items, and you might be able to set one of these up to help your village grow.


A caravan would probably act as a way to transport multiple settlers to a new location. This could mean that you can visit other areas of the world with your settlers and maybe even attack other villages. This would also make for an interesting new concept in which players can actively try to conquer the continent by attacking every surrounding village.

Settlement Diplomacy

This will be an update that adds the ability to set procedures and rules in your village. You’ll be able to decide who is classed as the king, make other rules about what everyone else has to do, and maybe even start a war. The game will get very interesting once this has been added.

Settler Social Interactions

Currently, settlers don’t really interact with each other. This update will change that and give them social skills. It might seem like a tiny update, but it’ll make the village feel a lot more alive. This could also play into the leisure time that villagers need, and make for a much fuller life for all of them.

Vassal System

Vassals are land holders, so this update will allow you to give each villager a chunk of land to run by themselves. This will likely lead into families or groups of villagers working together to farm, mine, or do any number of other tasks. It’ll also make everything easier when it comes to organizing the harvest each year before winter.

Mounted Siege Weaponry

This type of weaponry will help you defend against sieges. You’ll be able to fire huge arrows, have your own mounted trebuchets, and probably even drop hot burning oil. This is what you’ll need when diplomacy fails and you have to resort to warfare.

Shelves and Weapon Racks

Another big part of the Going Medieval Roadmap 2021 is organization. This update will introduce a neat way to organise weapons, and that’s going to clear up so much space from the interior of buildings. Hopefully, it’ll also make villagers feel a bit better about where they’re living, because having weapons all over the floor can feel slightly dangerous.

Raiding Other Settlements

At launch, the only raids in Going Medieval are the ones you experience. This update provides the option to fight back and raid another settlement. If they raid you, you’ll be able to retaliate. You could even kill all the people there and claim the area for yourself, if you wanted to. This would play into a lot of the updates featured above.

Map Factions

This update will add factions to the map. It will give you an idea of where allies are, and where you should travel or raid. It could also add a layer of complexity to travel, given that you could take the wrong route and end up losing all of your villagers and stuff in a single encounter.

Prisoner System

All you can do in the game right now is kill enemies, or be killed. This update will make it possible to take prisoners, allowing you to turn enemies to your side. It’s a system that’s sorely needed, because the only way to gain a settler is to wait for them to appear and cause a raid later on.

Grand Objectives

The only objective in Going Medieval so far is to survive and thrive. Having grander objectives, such as conquering a nearby kingdom, or reaching a certain standing as a trader, would add more depth to the game. This is what players want from the title, but it’s going to take a while before it’s implemented.

Religious Influence

Every villager has a religious alignment. This is how you know how to organize structures and their leisure time. However, this update will make religion more than that. It will probably add in churches so that your villagers can worship, and force you to rethink your schedule as your villagers will now require some worship time.

Taming Wildlife

The only thing you can do with wildlife in the game right now is kill and eat it. This update will allow you to tame it, maybe even make it into an ally for war. There are wolves that can fight, and you could even get milk or cheese if you have a cow. This update will be a substantial one, but also an incredibly rewarding one.

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is the science of breeding animals. This is where you’ll work to get the fattest cows to feed your villagers through winter. It will be an extremely complex update, but one that veterans in the community will be ready for with open arms.

May more updates are planned, but these are the ones revealed in the Going Medieval Roadmap 2021 so far.