Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline is the first major story expansion to the base game. It adds a healthy new campaign into the mix for players to work through, and it’s going to bring back two fan-favorite characters as well. Aiden Pearce and Wrench will be the starring characters in this expansion, and players should be more than excited to see them return. In this guide, we’ll cover the Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline release date as well as all the other details that you need to know about.

What is the Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline release date?

Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline launches on July 6, 2021. The expansion is available to all those who own the season pass for Watch Dogs: Legion. You should be able to purchase it separately, but you can also buy the season pass to unlock it and all the other content that comes with that add-on. There’s nothing else coming to the game between now and the launch, so it’s definitely going to be something that you want to take on at the time it launches. As far as expansions go, this is the biggest thing that the latest Watch Dogs entry has ever seen, and it’s going to be something completely different.

What is Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline?

In this expansion, you take on the role of Aiden Pearce. That’s the protagonist from the very first Watch Dogs game. Since that game’s story, he’s been living in his car in Chicago and doing pretty much noting else. However, with this DLC, he gets a call to head to London, where DedSec has been working against Albion, to steal something for an obscene amount of money. However, as he comes to steal it, the item begins to walk away. That’s because Wrench is taking it under a disguise, and then he and Aiden have to fight it out.

Ultimately, Aiden loses Wrench and is captured. He now has to find Wrench and bring the device back to its owner, or the owner will kill his nephew. This means that players are tearing up London in search of Wrench, who just wants to watch the city burn. He’s on the activist side of things when it comes to the movement, meaning that Aiden is going to need to emerge from the shadows if he wants to get what he needs.

What’s new in Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline?

Watch Dogs- Legion Bloodline Release Date
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As far as we can tell, this DLC is going to let you play as both Aiden and Wrench. We don’t know to what degree you’ll be playing as both of these characters, but the trailer makes it look like you’re definitely going to be able to. Aiden is the main character though, so expect to be playing as him for the bulk of this expansion. As with the first game, he’s motivated more by protecting his family here. He wants to get his nephew to safety, and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. However, he also needs to work with Wrench because the activist won’t hand over what he’s taken that easily.

From what we can tell, Aiden will first find Wrench. Then, he’ll need to do something with Wrench to get what he needs. This will mean using new abilities that aren’t in the base game. The character switching system seen in the base game will probably be used to switch between the two. Something that would be incredible to see is a shift to swapping Recruits mid-mission.

What Missions are in the Expansion?

watch dogs legion bloodline
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The only thing we saw in the trailer of note is a mission against massive robots. This is what the device at the heart of the story is all about. It allows someone to control those machines, and that’s why the owner wants it back. The machines are being used for evil in London, and both Wrench and Aiden want to see that end. However, Aiden is far more concerned about his nephew, which is why Wrench is here. We believe that all missions will focus around these machines, acting as new enemies in the universe. This is probably the furthest that technology has been pushed in the Watch Dogs universe. There have been many similar themes, but this is the first time an army is being controlled by a single person.

What will Wrench do in the Expansion?

wrench in watch dogs legion bloodline
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Wrench will have an interesting role in this expansion. He’s going to be part of the forces working against Aiden. That’s because he initially steals this new technology. Now though, he’s using that to force Aiden to help him. Seeing both of these characters from the universe butt heads will be incredible. They’re both fan favourites, almost as much as Bagley is in Watch Dogs: Legion. It’s a shame that the pair won’t have a counterpart from the third game. However, it’s possible that one could be added in the expansion.

Wrench’s main power in this expansion will be the ability to turn invisible, and use his sledgehammer. This has always been his iconic set of gear, and he’ll make use of it here. Aiden. is the first real hacker in this universe, though he did join DedSec later. His abilities will revolve around hacking, and they’ll probably be quite powerful.

Should You Buy Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline?

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If you’re a big fan of Watch Dogs: Legion, then you should definitely buy this expansion. Even if you didn’t enjoy the third game and liked the first one or two, it’s worth investing in. This is your chance to enjoy some fan service, so why not enjoy it when it comes out?

If you loved Watch Dogs: Legion, then this is an essential purchase. You should always pick up the content as early as you can because it means that you’re up to date with the entire story. It’ll make the universe feel fuller, and it’s a great opportunity to see what these two major characters have been up to since the events of their games ended.