Rimworld provides endless replayability on its own. The Steam Workshop and modding community provide even more with their endless stream of creative ideas. One of the things you can find on the Steam Workshop are different scenarios players have come up with and made available for other players. While the base game does come with a few different scenarios for players to use, they can get stale after hundreds of hours. Sometimes you need a bit of variety out on the Rim! Here are 8 of the best Rimworld scenarios we’ve enjoyed.

#8 Forgotten Scout

Coming in at #8 on our list of the best Rimworld scenarios is Forgotten Scout. The story is that you are a scout for your colony looking for a new place to settle, you find a spot and return home but find your original colony burned to the ground. You grab what little supplies are left and head out. Here are the parameters for this scenario:

  • Choose 1 pawn from 2.
  • Player starting characters have a 53% chance to start with Careful shooter
  • NPCs have a 25% chance to start with Psychopath
  • Incident created – A war is coming?

Here is the starting gear for the scenario:

  • Sniper rifle
  • Cloth bedroll
  • Potatoes x50
  • Beer
  • Smokeleaf joint
  • Packaged survival meal x5

#7 The Lone Wanderer

Taking inspiration from the insanely popular Fallout series, The Long Wanderer gives players a new level of difficulty most haven’t encountered. In this scenario, toxic fallout is constantly raining down on the planet. This means anyone or animal not under a roof will be slowly poisoned and eventually will die. Trying to micromanage your colonists and animals in this scenario can prove tough in the beginning, luckily you start with hydroponics already researched. Here are the parameters for the scenario:

  • Start with 1 pawn
  • Starting pawns have an 85% chance to start with cryptosleep sickness.
  • Start with Hydroponics
  • Permanent game condition: Toxic Fallout

And here are is your starting equipment:

  • Silver x500
  • Gold x30
  • Packaged survival meal x10
  • Glitterworld medicine x20
  • Component x20
  • Bolt-action rifle
  • Uranium shiv
  • Cryptosleep casket
  • German shepherd x`
  • Steel x200
  • Wood x250

The map is also scattered with the following items. Be careful when you go out to gather it! Remember to keep an eye on your colonist’s health tab otherwise, they may succumb to the toxic fallout!

  • Silver x2000
  • Component x30
  • Pistol
  • Steel x400
  • Wood x400
  • Steel slag chunk x101
  • Packaged survival meal x25
  • Yayo x18 (Keep an eye out for any possible drug addict colonists!)

#6 Rat Meat Survivor

Is Naked Brutality too hard? Have you played it and want something a little different, but similar? Maybe you really like rat meat. Whichever one it is, this is the scenario for you! Rat Meat Survivor is a very simple, yet very hard scenario. Here are the parameters:

  • Start with 1 pawn chosen from 8
  • Pawn has a 100% chance to start with malnutrition
  • Pawn starts naked

Here is the vast list of gear you will start with:

  • Rat meat x500
  • Steel knife

Good luck in this scenario! Your rat meat will rot quickly if you don’t turn it into meals, your pawn is starving and will eat the raw meat giving a mood debuff, and all you have is a steel knife. Naked Brutality with a little twist!

#5 Let’s Cook

Another scenario based off of a series this time TV, Let’s Cook brings Breaking Bad to Rimworld. If you are a fan of starting drug empires in Rimworld, this is the scenario for you! We suggest using this scenario to start a drug manufacturing colony. Since you will already know how to make most drugs, hydroponic basins and start with neutromaine it should be easy to get your drug empire up and running. But be careful! Your colony’s wealth will only serve to attract bigger raids! Here are the starting parameters:

  • Start with 2 pawns
  • 50% chance to start with chemical interest
  • 50% chance to start with go-juice addiction
  • Start with the following research – go-juice production, drug production, microelectronics basics, psychite refining, and hydroponics
  • Drug production increased by 150%

Here is the starting gear:

  • Silver x1000
  • Packaged survival meal x30
  • Medicine x24
  • Component x30
  • Pistol
  • Plasteel knife
  • Random pet x1
  • Steel x450
  • Wood x400
  • Neutroamine x250

And the map is scattered with:

  • Ship chunk x3
  • Steel x720
  • Packaged survival meal x7

#4 Fallen Marines

At #4 on our list of the best Rimworld scenarios comes Fallen Marines. A bit overpowered of a scenario since you essentially start with three combat-ready pawns that can take on almost anything, Fallen Marines is one that I always find myself coming back to when I want a lighter playthrough. The scenario is that a UNSC battleship blew up over the planet and three ODST marines have crashlanded along with a ton of other goodies. Here are the starting parameters:

  • Start with 3 pawns
  • They may start with the following traits (% chance unknown) Bloodlust, jogger, iron-willed, hard worker
  • Start with the following researched – Turrets, Machining, Hydroponics, Auto doors, Geothermal Power

Here is the starting gear for this scenario that will fall in the drop pods with your marines:

  • Assault rifle x2
  • Charge rifle x1
  • Glitterworld Medicine x6
  • Steel military helmet x3
  • Cloth jacket x3
  • Armored vest x3
  • cloth pants x3

Finally here is the gear that will be scattered across the map that somehow made it safely to the planet surface from the battleship:

  • Component x30
  • Steel x1000
  • Steel slag x30
  • Packaged survival meal x40

#3 Hangover From Hell

After a night of binge-drinking and partying you somehow managed to set your ship on fire. After making your way to the escape pods, you crashland on a rimworld with an insanely bad hangover and no clue what to do next. Here are the parameters for this humorous scenario:

  • Start with 4 pawns between 18 and 32
  • 80% chance to start with chemical interest
  • 100% chance to start with hangover
  • Brewing is already researched

Here is the starting gear for Hangover From Hell:

  • Silver x200
  • Packaged survival meal x40
  • Medicine x30
  • Component x30
  • Survival rifle
  • Pistol x2
  • Plasteel knife
  • Random pet x1
  • Steel x450
  • Wood x300
  • Beer x100

The map will be scattered with other random things from your ship:

  • Ship chunk x5
  • Steel x800
  • Packaged survival meal x15
  • Beer x40

#2 Bodega

Coming in at #2 on our list of the best Rimworld scenarios is Bodega. After a bad night of poker, Bodega wakes up with a massive hangover and some missing gear. Help Bodega survive on this lonely Rimworld! Here are the parameters for this scenario inspired by a few famous YouTubers and podcasts:

  • Start with 1 pawn
  • 100% chance to start with the following – careful shooter, volatile, fast walker, hangover, alcohol addiction, and tobacco addiction

Here is the gear Bodega starts with:

  • Flak jacket
  • Flak pants
  • Charge rifle
  • Flak vest
  • Garden coffee x20
  • Smokeleaf joint x30
  • Beer x100
  • Cigarillos x100
  • Silver x100
  • Packaged survival meal x60

Be sure to use the Prepare Carefully mod as seen on our Best Mods of 2019 list to customize Bodega’s appearance!

#1 Donald Trump

And at #1 on our list of the best Rimworld scenarios is… Donald Trump! Everyone loves political satire, right? Well, if you don’t pick one of the above scenarios otherwise you have to try this one out! Even though this scenario is a bit of a joke, it can make for an interesting roleplay colony. You do start with 1,000,000 silver after all! After finishing his presidency Trump has left Earth to find a new planet to save. Here are the parameters for the Donald Trump Rimworld scenario:

  • Start with 1 pawn between 66 and 70 years old
  • 100% chance to start with beautiful
  • 100% chance to start with too smart
  • Start with the following research – tube television and carpet making

Here is the gear Donnie starts with on his new planet:

  • Silver x1000000
  • Gold x200
  • Packaged survival meal x50
  • Glitterworld medicine x51
  • Component x51
  • Assault rifle
  • Steel x500
  • Wood x500

There is the list of the best Rimworld scenarios. We hope you enjoyed it and found a few new scenarios to try out on your next playthrough. If you’re interested in more Rimworld content check out our posts on the best melee weapons, the best gun, or the best crop!