This article will cover all there is about Dead by Daylight how to use flashlight and also provide more useful info on what it is and why you need it.

If you’ve ever played a match in Dead by Daylight, you’ll know just how overpowered each killer is.

Whilst some might be tricker to use than others, they’re all very capable of hunting down every survivor, slashing them into submission with whatever implement they have, and sacrificing them to The Entity.

However, with this guide we’re going to teach you how to use the flashlight in Dead by Daylight to your advantage, and hopefully help you even the odds a little against those killers.

Dead by Daylight How to Use Flashlight

Dead by Daylight How to Use Flashlight

First let’s discuss what the flashlight is in Dead by Daylight. There are a few different types of flashlight, but they are all items that you can either equip on a survivor before a match, or pick up from a treasure chest in a match.

If you equip a flashlight prior to starting a match, then you’ll begin that match with it already on your survivor.

This is probably the most optimal way to use the item, since you’ll have it right from the start of a match, and stand a much better chance of stunning the killer, or stopping them from carrying off and sacrificing another survivor.

If you don’t have a flashlight to equip your survivor with, then there’s always a chance that you’ll find one in a treasure chest in each match.

If you do happen to come across one, don’t use it immediately. Instead, wait until you see the killer, and maybe even save it for a key moment.

Regardless of how you get a flashlight, you need to know what you’re doing with it if you’re going to make the most of it. Just using a flashlight won’t be enough, you need to aim the beam at the killer’s eyes.

This will blind them, and cause them to drop any survivor they might be carrying.

Flashlights are particularly effective against three of the killers in Dead by Daylight. These killers are The Hag, The Nurse, and The Wraith.

Shining the flashlight’s beam at The Wraith whilst she’s cloaked, or actively uncloaking, will trigger the Lightburn effect.

This basically stuns The Wraith for a good few seconds, and causes them to be completely blinded during that time.

If you shine the flashlight at one of The Hag’s Phantasm Traps, it will highlight and destroy it.

Finally, shining the flashlight at The Nurse whilst she is charging her Blink ability will cause her to instantly go to the fatigue phase of the move, slowing her right down, and cause the Lightburn effect.

Now that you know how to use it best, here’s some detailed information about the flashlights and add-ons in Dead by Daylight.

Types of Flashlight

Dead by Daylight How to Use Flashlight

These are all of the different types of flashlight in Dead by Daylight.

Flashlight – You can use the flashlight for up to 8 seconds.

Sport Flashlight – This flashlight also has 8 seconds of use, though it has a slightly increased beam accuracy, and slightly decreased battery consumption rate.

Utility Flashlight – This flashlight has the longest usage time at 12 seconds. It also has a moderately increased beam brightness, blindness duration on killers, but a slightly decreased beam accuracy.

Halloween Flashlight – This flashlight is basically the same as the base item mode, with 8 seconds of usage. However it does have an orange-tinted beam.

Fourth Year Flashlight – This flashlight was added as part of Dead by Daylight’s fourth anniversary. It still has 8 seconds of use, but will emit confetti when you blind a killer.

Flashlight Add-Ons

Dead by Daylight How to Use Flashlight

If you thought those flashlights were it, you’re in for a treat. You can use all of these add-ons with your flashlights, which will improve them in the ways listed below. You’ll

Wide Lens – This item will increase your flashlight’s beam width, but decrease the beam’s range as well.

Power Bulb – This item will slightly increase your bulb’s brightness, and the duration of any blindness you manage to inflict.

Leather Grip – This will slightly increase your flashlight’s beam accuracy.

Battery – Increases your flashlight usage by 2 seconds, and extremely powerful item.

TIR Optic – Moderately increases flashlight brightness and any blindness you inflict.

Rubber Grip – Moderately increases the accuracy of your flashlight’s beam.

Low Amp Filament – Moderately decreases the battery consumption rate of your flashlight.

Heavy Duty Battery – Adds 4 seconds of usage to your flashlights.

Focus Lens – Slightly increases the beam range, brightness, and duration of any blindness you cause, whilst slightly reducing the beam width.

Long Life Battery – The most powerful battery, adding 6 seconds to the usage of your flashlights.

Intense Halogen – Considerably increases your beam brightness, and the duration of any blindness you manage to inflict.

High-End Sapphire Lens – Slightly increases the range of your flashlight beam, and moderately increases its brightness, width, and the duration of any blindness you inflict.

Odd Bulb – The rarest flashlight item in the game. This tremendously increases your flashlight beam brightness, the duration of any blindness you inflict, but slightly increases the battery consumption.

That is everything that you need to know about how to use a flashlight in Dead by Daylight. These are extremely powerful items in the hands of survivors who know how to use them.

Let us know if you have any tips or tricks for using flashlights in the comments below.