Dead By Daylight has no shortage of showcasing multiple narratives in a compact frame. You have Oni’s explosiveness, Doctor’s decisiveness, and Hillbilly’s lankiness all in one game. While the uniqueness seems to pass onto The Plague as well, her kit can be tricky to wrap your head around.

In layman’s terms, your primary purpose as Adiris (The Plague) in Dead By Daylight is to spread as much contamination as possible. You need to identify possible hotspots on the map, so you can implement poison traps to sap life force from the survivors. While she’s generally reliant on underhanded tactics, her kit still requires a little bit of skill and game experience.

With that being said, she generally specializes in killing groups of survivors instead of one. Since her kit is aimed to deal damage over time, you won’t be finding many uses for her aside from laying traps and bidding for your time.

The Plague: How Does The Chase Work?

The Plague Dead By Daylight
The Plague

The Plague can damage survivors from the most unpredictable angles. While her learning curve is rather steep, she can easily turn the tables around without even being there. Her main form of the chase is through her contamination. She infects a survivor – who then heads out to meet other survivors, and those survivors become infected as well.

Since fully infected survivors are doomed by their lonesome, they will need to meet other survivors – who will get infected as well. You can think of her as a player playing the game without being there. You won’t be throwing all caution to the wind in order to run blindly after a target. Rather, everything will be calm and calculated – but just as vicious.

Building Plague: Perk Loadout

As a default, Plague (Adiris) features three core perks that can grant a bunch of toxic and contagious abilities to her kit. Since Dead By Daylight is a fast-paced game, you would have to circulate them effectively in order to make the most out of her.

Plague’s playstyle is relatively distinct, so you will have to go through a new learning curve to grasp her intended playstyle. Having said that, here’s how Plague’s perks work:

Corrupt Intervention – Unlocked At Level 30

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Corrupt Intervention | Source: Wiki

Blocks the three closest generators near you for 80-120 seconds (depending on the rank). This effect only occurs during the start of a round and gives you enough time to think and plot your options. Since Plague gets stronger with each passing second, you can consider this period as the planning phase of your assault.

Unfortunately, this effect will pause for a few seconds whenever the first survivor reaches the Dying State. Therefore, it’s generally better to be as passive as possible until you can afford to engage in an all-out. It is also to be noted that only three of the generators are shielded, so they always have time to extend their reach.

Infectious Fright – Unlocked At Level 35

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Infectious Fright | Source: Wiki

Whenever a survivor reaches the Dying State, the nearby survivors will involuntarily scream and reveal their locations. The range of this effect is equivalent to your Terror Radius, with the effect lasting for about 4-6 seconds depending on the rank of this pers.

It’s one of the few pathfinding mechanics available to The Plague. Unfortunately, the effect is minimal during direct combat. However, if a fully infected enemy manages to reach the near-death state in an unknown part of the map, you best bet there’s some juicy intel about his/her team’s whereabouts coming your way.

Dark Devotion – Unlocked At Level 40

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Dark Devotion | Source: Wiki

The Plague can become obsessed with a single survivor. This obsession triggers whenever the said survivor enters the Injured state. Luckily, survivors are extremely prone to entering the said phase since you can only take care of so much while running away from a bloodthirsty killer.

Having said that, the following effects are applied whenever the obsession is triggered in a survivor:

  • The target survivor immediately received your Terror Radius (capped at 32 meters) for 20 – 30 seconds – depending on the ability’s rank.
  • The Plague will receive an Undetectable state buff that lasts similar to the Terror Radius transfer in duration.

Unfortunately, the obsession can only be implemented one survivor at a time. Therefore, you need to choose your tools carefully from the very start.

These teachable perks are generally supposed to be chained over one another. The Corrupt Intervention applies the status effects while the rest look to enhance it. However, despite their activation conditions being well-suited to each other, you’d generally find it hard to experience such perfect scenarios.

Weaponizing Plague: Primary Weapon

The Plague Dead By Daylight
The Plague

The Plague’s main weapon is known as the Profane Censer. It’s directly intertwined with Adiris’ lore. The Profane Censer excludes a sweet fragrant scent that smells identical to the botanical gardens which Adiris used to take care of back in her priestess days.

While that story has a rather tragic ending, the Weapon seems to be the embodiment of her heart and protrudes a sweet yet toxic aura.

With that said, here’s a general breakdown of the Profane Censer:

Special Skills

Just like any other weapon in the game, the Profane Censer features two main skills that act as the evolved versions of her base abilities. While her never-ending cycle of sickness is the main source of her damage, the passive is still strong enough to outroot any survivor in its wake.

Having said that, here are all the special skills present in The Plague’s kit:

Ability: Ingest Corruption

One of the only ways to get rid of the Plague’s infection is through the Pool of Devotion. With this ability’s passive, any survivor cleaning himself/herself in the Pool of Devotion will result in contamination of the said pool.

In addition, Plague can then consume that pool of infestation in order to strengthen her purge. Once activated, the ability lasts for a total of 60 seconds – during which, the Pool of Devotion becomes uncontaminated.

Activation: Once you’re near a Corrupted Pool of Devotion, simply press and hold the Interaction button in order to transfer the type of Purge from Vile to Corrupt.

Attack: Corrupt Purge

This ability empowers your hits to shave off a Health State from any survivor you hit. This causes them to transition into an Injured or Dying State – depending on the severity of the attack. This attack will be launching a stream of damaging bites as a projectile-based attack.

Activation: You will need to hold the power button until The Purge begins charging Corrupt Purge.

How Does Plague’s Vile Purge Work?

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Vile Purge

As her title suggests, Adiris’ Vile Purge infects anything and everything it passes through. Since there’s a lot of movement involved during rounds, you just need to path effectively and your passive will do the rest.

However, the ability isn’t as omnipotent as it might seem. You need to charge Ville Purge before being able to release the stream of this infectious substance. Upon hit, the infectious effects will last near-indefinitely on a survivor, whereas the environment and locations have a strict cooldown of 40 seconds (roughly).

Since the infection is contagious, any survivor or object coming in contact with it will catch it and the endless cycle will continue until either the cooldown is exhausted, or the match is finished. Therefore, it’s better to rush to the generators early as a survivor since she will only become stronger the later the game goes on.

With that out of the way, there are two main stats to keep track of:

  1. Sickness: This is a meter attached to every survivor. It keeps track of the number of times they’re hit with the vile purge. The Sickness Meter fills slowly until it’s filled to the brim – after which, the player gets inflicted with the Injured State and Broken debuffs.
  2. Status Effect: While there are multiple methods for keeping track of sickness, a common symptom can be the frequent vomiting that a Survivor does while being in an Injured state.
    Unsurprisingly, this vomit will be contaminated. Therefore, it will infect any surface it lands on, resulting in an even greater rate of spread.

The Plague’s Infection: How Does It Work?

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Vile Purge

In layman’s terms, her germs tend to spread to the environment due to her abilities. Now, rather than dispersing, they manage to stay for a decent amount of time while contaminating the environment.

The nearby plants catch the disease, it’s rubbed on the sand, and best of all, a living survivor can catch the germs and can unknowingly propagate them. At first, only the initial environment was corrupted, but now, there are multiple contaminated grounds.

Due to the number advantage, these newer grounds spread the virus even faster. This cycle continues until the end of the game. However, you need to be significantly good and unhindered at the game in order to pull it off. You might also need a lot of luck, but when it works, it feels like an easy win.

Best Perks For The Plague In Dead By Daylight

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Source: Gamespot

Leaving the general perks aside, you have the option to unlock a bunch of extra ones. However, these do not belong to The Plague from the very start and can only be unlocked past level 30 and onwards. Since most of them aren’t meant to be used by The Plague, sorting the good ones out can become a real pain.

Having said that, we’ve mentioned a few abilities that align with Adiris’ kit as perfectly as possible. Thus, you can simply copy-paste the ones mentioned below in order to save time and effort:

Hex: Plaything

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Hex: Plaything | Source: Wiki

As long as there is a Dull Totem present in the Trial Grounds, this ability is triggered and it remains active for the duration of the said Totem. The targeted survivors get inflicted with the Cursed and Oblivious status effects.

This is a slow-acting ability that lasts until the Hex totem is cleared. if the infectee is unable to clear the totem in the first 90 seconds of infection, the location of the totem will then be revealed to other survivors as well.

Otherwise, you will have to carry this burden along knowing full well that this is a trap from the Plague. Like a lamb heading to its slaughter, they will have no choice but to comply regardless. However, this location will only be revealed within a span of 16-24 meters. Therefore, it can also turn into a waste of time depending on the situation at hand.

Hex: Pentimento

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Hex: Pentimento | Source: Wiki

Once a Totem has been cleansed, it becomes rather useless. However, the Hex: Pentimento counters that by allowing the user to resurrect such totems with the help of a ceremony. You will be gaining the following effects:

Number Of TotemsEffects
The repair speed of each survivor is decreased by 20% – 30%, depending on the rank.
2The healing speed of each survivor is decreased by 20% – 30%, depending on the rank.
3The recovery speed of each survivor is decreased by 20% – 30%, depending on the rank.
4The Exit Gate Opening speed of each survivor is decreased by 20% – 30%, depending on the rank.
5All the Totems get blocked permanently.

Rekindled Totems can be cleansed. However, you can’t reignite them after that – even with the help of the said ceremony.


The Plague Dead By Daylight
Thanatophobia | Source: Wiki

Whenever a survivor gets the Injured, Dying, or Hooked status, a global in-round penalty will occur to every survivor on the following actions:

  • Repairing
  • Sabotaging
  • Cleaning Action

This penalty is stackable and ranges between 4.5% – 5.5% and 18% – 22%. You will need to be at least Level 35 in order to unlock this perk.

Since The Plague relies on debuffs along with amping damage over time, you wouldn’t need to do much other than spreading the disease. Just keep on attacking random targets and you should be good to go!

Barbecue & Chilli

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Barbecue & Chilli | Source: Wiki

This perk essentially belongs to the Cannibal, but can be unlocked from the learning tree. It grants you the ability to see the aura of a hooked survivor from a distance range of 40-60 meters away from the said hook.

This effect lasts for a total of 4 seconds and can be used on The Plague for identifying the remaining locations of the survivors. Since her attacks are spreadable, you can consider this ability similar to a recon drone.

Getting information about your next target can help you lay relevant traps in their path. While this method is not the most effective for dealing with certain agents, you’d still want to gather as much info as possible before deciding on a course of action.

Best Add-Ons For The Plague In Dead By Daylight

The Plague Dead By Daylight
The Plague

Plague’s kit is relatively “complete” even without Add-ons. You just need to exercise patience while playing her. However, it’s possible to bolster her already-lethal poison even further.

Since you’d generally want to buff her abilities on an overall level, we recommend hitting multiple weak spots with your perks instead of focusing on one.

Having said that, the following perks tend to work rather well with The Plague’s kit:

Black Incense

Whenever a survivor vomits, their aura gets revealed to you for a total of 3 seconds. Since the infected state causes survivors to vomit repeatedly, you can expect to have a stable source of information.

Plus, you just need to get close to your target, the infectious spread will take care of the rest. Since the metric doesn’t reveal the aura distance, it’s better to save your abilities until the target is in your sight.

This is an ultra-rare perk, so you will need to wait a bit before being able to obtain it.

Vile Emetic

This is a buff-type perk that boosts the effects of your Vile Purge. It essentially increases the projectile speed of your Vile and Corrupt purge by 10%. This makes it significantly hard to dodge, and can oftentimes catch the survivors off guard.

It belongs to the Very Rare category and costs around 6000 blood points to purchase. With that said, Vile Emetic’s best use is for speedy assassinations of infected targets. Thus, any survivor with a Slow debuff is as good as dead in front of this add-on.

Ashen Apple

Adiris holds the ability to spread her plague through Pools of Devotion. Most of the time, the process can be needlessly lengthy. Luckily, this rare add-on allows you to start each round with two pre-corrupted Pools of Devotion, along with the number of available Pools of Devotion being increased by 1.

It essentially allows you to fuel up the aggression from early on. And since the three nearest generators would be off limits for a few minutes, it’s the prime time to hunt. If the enemies do manage to escape these side effects, you can always stop them with your late-round prowess.

Severed Toe

This add-on is used to boost the spread of corruption within yourself. Whenever you touch a corrupted object (be it a plant on a survivor) you will gain 50% more corruption than usual.

This works great with Plague’s kit since her entire playstyle revolves around the spread. However, it’s relatively hard to obtain than most Add-ons. Thus, it’s generally recommended you use a placeholder add-on until you have it in your grasp.

Add-Ons For Vile Purge In DBD

The Plague Dead By Daylight
Dead By Daylight

This category comprises the remaining Add-ons that can be used as placeholders for Vile Purge. While they’re generally not as effective as the mentioned ones, you can still expect them to provide decent stability – based on the build you’re going with.

Having said that, here are the Add-ons for Vile Purge:

Rarity: Common

Here are all Add-ons belonging to the most basic rarity in Dead By Daylight:

  • Healing Salve: This ability essentially lessens the cooldown time on the Vile Purge along with the Corrupt Purge by around 0.25 seconds.
  • Limestone Seal: The duration an object is infected is increased by 20 seconds.
  • Olibanum Incense: Whenever a survivor cleans at the Pool of Devotion, his/her aura is revealed to The Plague for the next 4 seconds.
  • Prayer Tablet Fragment: It applies the following effects at the expense of Vile Purge losing the ability to attack directly:
    • The object infection duration is increased for a total of 40 seconds.
    • The infection gained from objects will double in quantity.

Rarity: Uncommon

Here are all Add-ons belonging to the relatively known rarity in Dead By Daylight:

  • Blessed Apple: At the start of the combat, 2 Pools Of Devotion become corrupted automatically.
  • Emetic Potion: Vile Purge becomes 30% more potent.
  • Hematite Seal: The duration an object is infected is increased by 30 seconds.
  • Potent Tincture: Vile Purge and Corrupt Purge experience a reduction in their cooldowns of 0.4 seconds.
  • Prophylactic Amulet: The number of available Pools of Devotion on the map is decreased by 2.

Rarity: Rare

Here are all Add-ons belonging to the high-tier rarity in Dead By Daylight:

  • Exorcism Amulet: Corrupt Purge lasts 10 seconds longer than usual.
  • Incensed Ointment: Whenever a survivor ingests corruption, all the nearby survivors within the terror radius scream involuntarily.
  • Infected Emetic: Vile Purge becomes 50% more potent.
  • Rubbing Oil: The charge rate of Vile Purge and Corrupt Purge is increased by 50%.

Rarity: Very Rare

Here are all Add-ons belonging to the near-endgame rarity in Dead By Daylight:

  • Devotee’s Amulet: Corrupt Purge lasts 20 seconds longer.
  • Worship Tablet: Ingestion speed is doubled while the movement speed during Corrupt Purge experiences a 4.4% increase.

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Here are all Add-ons belonging to the most prized rarity in Dead By Daylight:

  • Iridescent Seal: The Plague gets Corrupt Purge whenever a Generator is completed. However, the Corrupt purge lasts 20 seconds lesser.

Playing The Plague: Tips & Tricks

Plague has a simple yet unique playstyle. Her main driving force is corruption, so you can expect yourself to vomit a lot. While it can get out of hand, you need to make every bit count on the survivors. Basically, just vomit them to death, and you’re good to go.

Secondly, Plague has a bunch of tracking abilities that work based on her corruption’s spread. Your main goal here would be to make the survivors run away from you in a controlled environment. The more vaults these infected survivors touch, the better it is for you.

Your hit is not for show either, so remember to weave in as many auto attacks as possible. Plus, certain perks can force your enemies to react to you. Since your kit shines in grouped combat, effective use of your corruption can make all the difference.

Both the Vile Purge and Corrupt Purge are the sides of the same coin. Therefore, it’s up to you to make good use of them. For example, Corrupt Purge is generally used for ranged assassinations, while the Vile Purge is more suited for close quarters.

Lastly, don’t go out of your way to approach Pools of Devotion – or any other spots for spreading corruption unless they are near the generators and vice versa. You need to have a laid-out contamination strategy even before the game begins.


All in all, Plague is a killer that requires experience to master. You need to be strategic in your pathing decisions in order to make full use of her kit. Her learning curve can be a bit difficult for newbies.

You need to grasp her abilities and their intended use cases to really excel at her. However, she’s not so difficult to the point where she feels unplayable. Thus, it’s only a matter of time and dedication from your end.

I hope you enjoyed reading The Plague: Dead by Daylight Guide. Stay tuned for more exciting and informative articles.