Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot going on with it. While the main story is short and sweet, there are hundreds of hours to be spent in the streets of Night City. Here you can complete all kinds of side quests and other activities that will keep you playing for years. However, is Cyberpunk multiplayer? In this guide we’re going to cover all the details about the multiplayer features in CD Projekt Red’s latest game.

Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t have any multiplayer features at the time of writing. CD Projekt Red has explained that a standaline multiplayer add-on is coming at some point in the future. The base game however, has no multiplayer.

Unlike a game such as Dead by Daylight, which is built for multiplayer, Cyberpunk 2077 has been built primarily as a single player experience. There is lots of storytelling in the game, both in terms of core main missions, as well as hundreds of side quests. You’ll be completing all of these on you own though, since there’s currently no multiplayer in the game.

However, CD Projekt Red has said multiple times that there is multiplayer coming to the game. It’s a standalone add-on to the release, and it won’t be out for a while yet. The developer hasn’t outlined exactly when the standalone multiplayer experience will release, but it’s possible to see how it will work.

What Could the Multiplayer be?

One form of multiplayer that could be added is photo-sharing. Games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla already feature this, allowing players to share photos in-game for others to see while looking at the map. CD Projekt Red will almost certainly add this in a future update.

What players really want is to be able to play the game together with a friend. It’s likely that an entirely new campaign will be developed in order for this style of play. CD Projekt Red could even create an online version of Night City for players to occupy in a similar way to how Grand theft Auto Online works. (tramadol)

This would see Night City filled with players, and regular daily and weekly missions pop up for players to take on. There could be major missions in which players team up, but for the most part, it will almost certainly allow players to explore on their own as well.

However, CD Projekt Red has a chance to create something entirely new with answering the call of “is Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer?” They have scope to create a brand new, fresh multiplayer experience like no one has ever seen before.

I’m sure that details on this form of multiplayer will come out closer to the time that the developer is planning to release it. For now though, all that can be assumed is that it will give players the opportunity to work together, or against one another, in some shape or form. Whether that’s through gang affiliations, missions, or something we can’t even imagine just yet, remains to be seen.

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Image Source: USgamer