It’s official, we’re getting a Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. This is the new version of the game that’s been made for PS5. It’s very similar to Death Stranding’s version in that all of the additional content in this game has been developed after the initial launch. It seems to be that Sony is working to give developers the freedom they need to create new content and release it as an extended version of their original vision. This has never been more true than in this game. In this article, we’ll show you all of the new content that’s coming in this version of the game.

PS5 Update

The most obvious upgrades in this version of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut are going to be the PS5 upgrades. The game will look better, run at higher framerates, perform better, and generally be a better version. The improved hardware allows the developers to make something that’s a cut above the PS4 version. For those that played that version, this is already going to be impressive enough.

Of course, the other upgrades for PS5 include haptic feedback. This is a feature that makes the most of the DualSense controller, making it feel like players are following the character. Triggers will change resistance based on arrows being drawn or combat. The controller will also vibrate in certain ways to produce noises and emulate what’s going on in the game. Overall, it’ll just be much more immersive.

Finally, the audio will also be completely remastered. This is going to see players able to hear things they couldn’t before. It’s a total game-changer for anyone who hasn’t experienced it before.

Japanese Lip Sync

ghost of tsushima director's cut
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This version of the game comes with lip sync for the Japanese language. It was always possible to play the game in Japanese. This is part of the artistic vision for the title. The developers were so inspired by classic Japanese movies that they felt it necessary to have this language option in the game. It makes it even more immersive, providing you love those movies. However, the big drawback was that the lip sync was always in English. Now though, the lip sync will be in Japanese. This will finalize the artistic vision the developers had. Now it will be possible to play the game as if it’s a proper Japanese classic. you can even turn on the monochrome visuals and enjoy the game as if it was made decades ago.

Legends Co-op Gameplay

Image Source: TechRadar

Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends game mode is a multiplayer mode that’s designed to be replayable. You earn all sorts of awesome loot in this game mode, and it’s something that a lot of players have really enjoyed since it launched late last year. This part of the title will be fully playable in the PS5 version, and it seems as though it’ll be possible to play in co-op locally. This has yet to be confirmed and could be wrong. However, the fact that it’s mentioned in the trailer suggests that it will be a part of the new version of the game. Only time will tell when it comes to this one.

Iki Island Expansion

iki island
Image Source: Metro

Iki Island is set to be a huge expansion on the base game. It contains around 15-20 hours of gameplay and is mainly focused on story content. While the base game had a lot of collectibles, it seems like this expansion won’t have as many. The main game was already colossal, and to add an entirely new island seems crazy. However, there’s obviously some story to tie up here, so players will be able to see that.

As for what players will be doing in the expansion, that’s not known. However, there will obviously be plenty more base gameplay as seen in the base game. There is also likely to be some more side content that sees players acquire new weapons. These were always a highlight in the base game, so players can expect more tips to other realms where they face demonic entities for relics.

In reality, Iki Island is an archipelago of Tsushima. It was devastated by the Mongol invasion, just like Tsushima. This must mean that in the game players will be doing much the same as they did in the base game. Clearing out as many Mongols as they can. There will certainly be an overwhelming enemy presence. However, this island was also known for being home to pirates. It’s possible that this will play into the story and gameplay. This may see players using ships to move around, and possibly even fight against Mongols. It’s unlikely that there will be meaningful ship combat since the Mongol ships are so big, and there are so many of them.

Release Date

release date
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This new version of the game launches on August 20, 2021. Between announcement and launch, that isn’t a lot of time. Considering how long the game has been out, this is an incredibly short period of time. However, it’s likely that developer Sucker Punch was working on this version as it built the original. All of the PS5 features will have been in place at the very least. The only new stuff on top of that is the extra content we’ve been through above. The game is available to pre-order wherever you buy your games. However, if you own the PS4 version, you can get an upgrade to the PS5 version by pre-ordering through the PlayStation Store.

This expansion to Ghost of Tsushima will be a game that’s worth playing if you enjoyed the original. It’s all of that plus so much more. There’s a lot to enjoy here, and the developers have put as much effort into it as they did the base game. It’s going to be yet another testament to how accurately games can portray history and display the beauty of the natural world. For any newcomers, this is still an essential purchase. If you own a PS4, then you need to play this game. If you own a PS5, then the new version is an essential title for your library.