Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is out today. This is the long-awaited current-gen version of the game, upgraded for PS5 with new visuals and a lot of new content to boot. The game was vast before today, but now it has even more content that you need to explore. In this guide, we’re going to cover all the things you should consider doing first when you sit down to play. There’s a lot to cover, but we’ve managed to get a decent split between things experienced players should do, and what those who are just getting into the game should try out.

Head to Iki Island

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut
Image Source: Push Square

The Iki Island expansion is the biggest piece of new content in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. It adds roughly twenty hours more gameplay to the already fifty-hour-long campaign. We recommend jumping straight into the expansion if you’ve already completed the base game. You can upgrade your save data from the PS4 original and use it in the PS5 version, so there’s no reason to hold back. You can always head out and collect 100 percent of everything else in the main game once you’ve conquered this expansion.

If, however, you have yet to play this game at all, you’ll have to wait. You should still head to Iki Island as soon as possible, but it’s worth pushing through the base game to get there. In fact, you have to complete Act 1 of the base game to even have the option to get into the expansion, so you’ll really need to push forward and complete a huge chunk of the game if you want to get there fast. Enjoy the game though, don’t miss out on the joy you can experience in the base island, and get into Iki Island when it feels right if you’re new.

Look for Every Side Quest

look for every side quest
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There are several side quests in this game, and more are likely to be added in the latest version. These are arguably some of the best content the title has to offer. In addition, it’s all largely kept separate from the core campaign. This is because you need to want to pursue those quests for the weapons they contain. They take a couple of hours to finish at their longest, but they’re worth it for the reward. You can even experience some mind-bending visuals that will totally subvert your expectations of what’s happening.

If you’ve already finished all the side quests in the main game, head out to Iki Island and find as many as you can. As before, these are the bulk of what makes this an unmissable title. Explore the area thoroughly and follow up on every conversation you have. It’ll lead you to the best content in the game, we guarantee it. This is what all players hoping to make the most of the game should be doing. It’s really down to you if you want to do that as a new or experienced player though. Play how you want to if you know what you want to look for.

Find all the Hot Springs

find all the hot springs
Image Source: IGN India

One of the most rewarding collectibles in the base game was Hot Springs. These are dotted around the map and can be found just by exploring. We’d recommend looking for them as soon as you land on Iki Island. They’re a place where you can go to relax and forget about the troubles of the world. They also fully heal you and add a small chunk of health as well. Therefore, they’re really essential to becoming stronger in the game. As your skills grow, it’s useful to have more health to pull on so you can decimate your foes. It’s also lovely to have all the Hot Springs unlocked so you can go between them as fast as possible in a pinch.

You won’t be familiar with the Hot Springs mechanic if you’re new to the game. Take the time to find them as you travel. There’s no need to rush too much. The more of these you have under your belt, the better your experience will be. It also helps you realize that the other collectibles are worth getting. As far as tedious collectibles go, these are the best in any game in recent memory.

Don’t Forget About the Main Story

dont forget about the main story
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Obviously, Iki Island is where everyone will be going as soon as they can in this version of the game. However, we want to remind you that there’s a huge game out there to play too. Don’t neglect the core story. It wowed players when the game first launched, and it’ll wow you again now. You can travel between Iki Island and the mainland of Tsushima after a certain point. Make sure you do this if you need to build up some more skills, or just fancy a break. There’s no sense in steamrolling all the new content and forgetting about the older stuff.

If you’re new to the game, we’d even go as far as saying ignore Iki Island for now. Focus on the main game and then come back to it. If you’ve got the entire game to plow through, do it at your own pace. The expansion will always be waiting for you. Just avoid the spoilers that get posted online.

Find the Monkeys

The trailers for this game make a big show of the monkeys on Iki Island. We’re desperate to pet them or interact with them in whatever way is possible. It’s this game’s equivalent of being able to pet dogs. Finding the monkeys and petting them as soon as you can will bring pure joy. However, remember that you can also just leave the expansion until you’re ready. You could even have the best of both worlds. Play the main game, get onto Iki Island, find the monkeys, then go back to the main game. Ignore Iki Island entirely until you want to complete it, unless you fancy petting a monkey. In that case, head over and have your fill.