Phoebe is a sisterly ostrich Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While she’s technically still a bird Villager, she’s been styled to look like an ostrich, as is the case with Flora. She’s still a fairly new Villager for the franchise, but she’s definitely carved out a name for herself. She’s someone you’ll probably want to have on your island for a few reasons. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Phoebe Villager Guide, we’ll explain why you might want her, who she is, and some facts about her too.

Who is Phoebe?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Phoebe Villager Guide
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As we’ve mentioned, Phoebe is a sisterly ostrich Villager. She first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and has made the transition to Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well. This makes per a pretty new Villager in terms of the overall franchise. Still, that’s no bad thing. Both her English and Japanese names are plays on the word Phoenix, which Phoebe is almost certainly made to look like. Her initial phrase even references the sparks from a fire, which is what Pheonix birds are known to burst into.


phoebes birthday
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Phoebe’s birthday is one of the key parts of this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Phoebe Villager Guide. It’s on April 22, and it’s a day you need to remember. On this date, she’ll be hanging out at home celebrating with friends. All of these friends are just the other Villagers from your island. She’ll have them over to celebrate with her because that’s what all Villagers do on their birthdays. You can head over and join in too if you want. If you do, you’ll take part in some party games with everyone, hitting a few things with bats. You’ll also get a piece of cake, which is incredibly useful. Cake helps you in building on your island because it boosts your strength for a short period of time. Don’t waste it. Instead, save it for when you really need it later on.

The other part to Phoebe’s birthday is how much you can advance your relationship with her. It’ll get a nice big boost from simply turning up on her birthday. If you give her a present too though, you’ll see an even larger boost to the relationship level. This could also lead to you getting a present from her over the following few days. That varies from Villager to Villager though. It’s well worth trying for all the same.

Phoebe’s Personality

phoebes personality
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Phoebe has the sisterly personality, and she’ll immediately show this by talking about fighting and relaxing. Sisterly Villagers like to look after everyone they meet, including the player. That’s something you’ll learn as time goes by. She’ll also give you medicine when you get stung by a bee. No other Villagers do this, only those with the sisterly personality. If you like the sound of that, pack your island out with these Villagers to help you in your bee sting situations.

While Phoebe is tough, she also cares about the way she looks a lot. This will come through in the things she says, so look out for it when speaking to her. One of the best things about Phoebe is her tendency to stay up late at night. If you like to play late at night, you’ll see her hanging around on your island as you work. She’s also extremely easy to develop a relationship with. You can just talk to her all the time and the relationship will evolve naturally.

Phoebe will treat every player with respect, which is what you want from your Villagers. She’s also got a very caring nature, something you’ll always benefit from. The personality types she’ll get on with are sisterly, jock, lazy, and peppy. She likes these Villagers because they have similar values to her. However, she won’t get on that well with snooty, cranky, and normal Villager types. These Villagers all rub her the wrong way and generally talk a bit too much about themselves. This is something Phoebe hates, so she avoids them.

Phoebe’s Appearance

phoebes appearance
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The most distinctive thing about Phoebe is her appearance. She’s an ostrich Villager, so she’s like very few Villagers you’ll meet. She’s tall and has a red body with yellow and blue highlights here and there. She has a point on her head which is a reference to the Phoenix, and she wears a black t-shirt that makes her look like she’s got a black body initially. Her tail feathers are the most extravagant you’ll likely see in the game. They’re what makes her worth tracking down and getting to stay on your island. If you don’t, then you’re just going to have boring Villagers everywhere.

Phoebe’s House

phoebes house
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The exterior of Phoebe’s house is quite normal, but it’s very red. If you like red, this is great, not so much if you don’t. She’s basically painted a pretty normal house the same color as her, which isn’t terrible. It’ll fit in with a few other houses that you can find from other Villagers in the game. If you want a row of red ones, that’s definitely something you can achieve.

The interior is much less normal. The developers latched onto the idea of a phoenix and really ran with it. The flooring and walls are a volcano. It’s exactly like being in the middle of a volcano, except you won’t burn to death. there’s little furniture to speak of. Everything is wooden, including the giant campfire that this Villager has raging inside of her house. This isn’t normal. In fact, it’s a health hazard. It’s also extremely hard to look at, so you won’t want to spend too much time in here.

Facts About Phoebe

Phoebe is one of the few mythical creature Villagers in Animal Crossing. Julian is another who is based on a unicorn, and Drago is a dragon, and Hans is a yeti. Oddly enough, her birthday is the same day as Earth Day. We’re not sure what this says about the developers’ view of Earth Day considering that she’s all about fire and burning.