Genji is a jock rabbit Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and he’s not the best character. While we mainly think this because of his personality, there’s more to it than that. He’s been in past games, but he’s not really a Villager of note. That’s probably down to his grumpy and weird personality. He does look quite interesting though. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Genji Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Genji. We’ll also throw in some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know before now.

Who is Genji?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Genji Villager Guide
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As we’ve mentioned, Genji is a jock rabbit Villager. His name is the same in the English version as it is in the Japanese version of the Animal Crossing series. This is because it’s a reference to The Tale of Genji. This book, by author Murasaki Shikibu, is actually thought to be the very first novel in history. His initial phrase is “Otaku”, and is a formal second person pronunciation in Japan. It also refers to someone with an obsessive personality, which is pretty appropriate for Genji. Jock Villagers are all obsessed with the way they look, how much they can lift, and how fit they are. Genji is no exception to this. Genji has another phrase, “Mochi”, which is actually a reference to a Japanese rice cake.


genjis birthday
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Genji’s birthday is January 21. On this date, he’ll be hanging out in his home waiting for other Villagers to come along and celebrate with him. This is what all villagers do, so take note and try to find out what the birthdays of all the Villagers on your island are. You should head over to his house if you have the chance. You’ll be able to take part in some games and smash some presents with sticks. It’s quite a lot of fun. You’ll also get some cake, which is a very useful tool. You can use cake to help you build faster in the game, making for very quick work when you’re trying to make the most of your island.

The other key part to Genji’s birthday is building your relationship with him. If you visit him, you’ll instantly build more relationship with him than if you didn’t. This is important if you want to maximize the relationship with him and benefit from it in every way. Giving him a present will help boost the relationship even further. If you do give him a present, he may even give you one over the coming days. Not every Villager does this, but sometimes they do. (Ambien) When you get a present from a Villager, it feels amazing, so it’s worth trying to make this happen.

Genji’s Personality

genjis personality
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This is the part of this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Genji Villager Guide that will either make you love or hate this Villager. The jock personality, which Genji has, is one of the most controversial in the game. Jocks are obsessed with their appearance, fitness, and bodybuilding. However, they also have . keen interest in anime, which seems to go hand in hand with such interests. You’ll notice the jock personality bleeding through in how active and over the top Genji is.

Genji is going to challenge you to a lot of competitions in his time with you. He’ll say that you need to see who can catch the most bugs or fish. You don’t have to compete, but it can be fun sometimes. As a jock Villager, Genji will get on well with jock, peppy, cranky, and sisterly Villagers. However, he’ll rub lazy and sisterly Villagers the wrong way because they love to chill and relax. Obviously, no jock Villager is going to get on well with Villagers who aren’t on the same wavelength.

Genji’s Appearance

genjis appearance
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Genji has a lot going on. He’s mainly white, but he’s got dark brown hands and feet. His ears are also the same brown, and that comes all the way down on his head in a sort of pudding bowl shape. This makes him look a lot like the rice cake that his initial phrase is a reference to. Whether this is a deliberate move on the developer’s part, we can’t be sure. However, it seems very likely.

You can also note that Genji has bright blue eyes and very pink cheeks. This makes him look way more animated than he actually is, and helps him to stand out. If not for those splashes of color, he would look a lot like a panda. Not something you want when you’re a rabbit.

Genji’s House

genjis house
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The exterior of Genji’s House is actually quite interesting. It’s got a Japanses style to it, and within that it has a purple roof. The dark wood color of his ears, arms, and legs is also pulled through in the wood of this structure. It’s something that’s very rare to see in Animal Crossing. Most Villager houses don’t resemble the Villager that well until you get inside. This one is all Genji though, and it’s a nice chance of pace from what we’re used to seeing in the game.

The interior is also extremely suited to Genji. It’s a zen garden, with a grassy look to the floor and some beautiful bamboo wallpaper. It totally captures the ancient Japanese look that many houses had centuries ago. There’s a lot of bamboo furniture in this house, as well as a divider with some nice artwork on it. If you’re into Bonsai trees, there are three of those and some cherry blossom as well. This really is the perfect home for those who love Japanese culture.

Facts About Genji

Genji first joins your island in the Misty Tee, which is also worn by Gladys and Snooty, two other Villagers in the game. His name can also be a reference to someone with shaved eyebrows, though it’s not clear what the exact meaning and reference behind his name is. This is all there is to Genji, he’s a fairly mysterious character to look at, but there’s nothing much under the surface. He is a good acquisition if you enjoy having jock Villagers around though.