It’s been confirmed that EA Motive is working on a Dead Space Remake. This game is not only a reimagining of the very first game in the Dead Space franchise, it’s a game that’s being produced in the same way as the recent Resident Evil remakes. In this article, we aim to explain exactly what this means for the game, how it will play, and what to expect when you finally sit down to play it. Let’s start with the absolute basics, the story.


dead space remake
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The Dead Space Remake looks like it will follow the same story as the original. In that game, engineer Isaac Clarke took a job to head to the ISS Ishimura. He went there because his girlfriend was stationed on the ship when it went dark. The ship is a planet cracker, meaning it breaks planets into pieces in order to be processed for materials. Once on board, the team Isaac is with all realize that something is very wrong, and the dead have come back in horrific new forms to kill the living. Isaac spends the game trying to get the ship back online. Heading down to the local planet, and destroying a Marker that has been causing the dead to rise.

The new game will almost certainly be a like for like retelling of the story. It was so good and so many fans love it that it doesn’t make sense to move away. While some elements of the gameplay might change, the core experience will remain the same. That’s the most important part to maintain.


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A recent teaser for the game makes it look like it will recapture the incredible gameplay of the original. The main focus in the game is using your plasma cutter to remove the limbs of enemies. Otherwise, they don’t die, and will continue to come after you. However, the game’s engine will be completely new, the game will look different, and will likely have some expanded areas for players to explore.

This is where the game will vary most from the original. Capcom has shown the world what modern horror classics can look like when remade, and that’s what EA Motive needs to do now. The camera and everything about the feel of the game will be new, but it will all be the same in many ways. One thing that the game should maintain is the fact that it feels like you’re repairing the ship by completing objectives. In many survival horror games, the protagonist goes off on a mission to end the horror that will change the world. In Dead Space though, it’s just one man’s journey to get out alive.

Release Date

dead space remake release date
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Given that a teaser is all that has been shown of the game so far, it’s unlikely that EA Motive is anywhere near release. We believe that the game will launch at some point in 2022 or 2023. It’s hard to tell given the shift to working from home and the fact that projects always seem to be delayed. It’s likely that the game will launch in the early part of the year though. This is because most horror games look to this release window now. It’s a good way to ensure that there’s as little competition as possible.