Tormented Souls is a horror game that harks back to the older survival horror titles that first made a big splash on the PS2 and Xbox. Those games made the most of fixed camera angles, weak protagonists, and limited inventories. This is exactly what survival horror fans have been asking for since those games went out of fashion, and we’re pleased to say that it’s back. Admittedly, Tormented Souls is an old game that was canceled at one point, which is why the legacy of old-school survival horror lives on in it. This guide explains what the game is, and what you’ll be doing in it.

Following a Twisted Story

We’re not going to spoil the story, but there’s a really nasty one here to explore. It’s filled with gruesome enemies to avoid and take down, but most of all, you just have to survive. The protagonist starts out weak and unable to defend themselves. Instead of fighting, you run and solve puzzles to advance the story. Control your fear and get over it to complete the game. There’s a lot to work through, but with courage, you can definitely do it. The only thing that you might not overcome is your own fear of the game.

Avoiding Horrific Enemies

The enemies in this game are twisted and unrecognizable as human. They’re all out to kill you, and you have to avoid them to survive. While there are weapons in this game, it’s not about combat. Instead, it’s about using the limited amount of resources you have to survive. The game wants to kill you, and it’s going to succeed if you let it. However, push through, stick to your routines of exploring and solving puzzles, and you’ll get through without too much violence. Of course, death is inevitable in a survival horror game, so there’s no reason to think that you can avoid it. Just be ready for it when it comes.

Expect the Unexpected

While the game may look old, it has some advancements on the genre that make it a lot closer to the Resident Evil remakes. For example, the environment is often the weapon you’ll be relying on over your own shotgun. There are ways to kill enemies that are designed to kill you. Subvert expectations, and you’ll find yourself slaying enemies and opening up paths without too much fuss.

Uncover the Truth

As is the case with all survival horror games, there’s a truth to be uncovered here. The game’s atmosphere permeates the screen and makes you feel as though you’re literally being haunted. There’s a lot to take in here, and it might make you feel a bit sick, but you need to push on. As should be expected, there’s also a duality between the protagonist and the little girl she’s trying to save. Part of this game is getting through all of this and understanding the internal turmoil that the protagonist is going through. This is the ultimate goal that you should be seeking to complete in the game since it’ll improve your satisfaction with the ending.