The Delhi Sultanate is one of the military-oriented civilizations in Age of Empires 4 and is ideal for dominating enemies in the game. In this Age of Empires 4 guide, we are going to go over everything that you need to know about the Delhi Sultanate.

Age Of Empires 4 Delhi Sultanate

The Delhi Sultanate is not an easy one to master and does take some getting used to. It needs some insight and planning to get the upper hand using the civ but once you have learned its ins and out then the Delhi Sultanate can be very deadly indeed. The following is what you need to know about the civilization.

Civilization Bonuses And Unique Units

The Delhi Sultanate villagers can gather food from berry bushes 25% faster. On the downside, the civ cannot get harvest meat from Boar. Scholars are available in the first age. All tech is free but the completion rate is much slower than other civs. You can increase the completion rate with scholars. Infantry units of the Delhi Sultanate can construct defenses, allowing your villagers to work on gathering resources instead. The fishing ships of the civ come with an archer.

When the Scholar is inside a mosque, it can speed up the time it takes to research technology. The civ also has access to War Elephants which have high health and can deal a lot of siege attack damage.

Progressing Through The Ages

Once you start the game you should take advantage of the fact that your villagers can gather berries faster than other civs. So rather than using sheep to get food, you should build a mill near the berries and start picking them. You should also use this time to create more villagers and have them collect other resources such as gold and wood.

Once you have enough resources you can advance to the next age by picking either the Tower of Victory or the Dome of the Faith. The Tower of Victory buffs melee and ranged infantry attack speed when near the landmark. The Dome of Faith lets you make Scholars at half the cost. We recommend going with The Dome of Faith as you are going to need scholars in order to buff your armies and speed up tech research.

Age 2

Once the Dome of Faith has been built you need to keep improving your economy and gather more resources while fortifying your settlement to protect it from invaders. You should also set up base camps around the map. These are going to help you attack the enemy later on in the game.

Once you have enough resources, you can pick between the Compound of the Defenders or the House of Learning. The compound of the Defenders allows infantry to build stone walls, towers, and gates. It also reduces the cost of these defensive buildings by 25%. The House of Learning unlocks unique tech. Both of these have their strengths. You will need to choose according to the situation that you are in.

Age 3

During this age, you need to prepare your army and get ready to take on your enemy. Once you have your army up and running and have enough resources, you can pick between the Hisar Academy and the Palace of the Sultan. The Hisar Academy will generate food based on the number of techs that you have unlocked. This is great for getting free food if you have unlocked a couple of technologies. The Palace of the Sultan is a better option as it trains War Elephants automatically.

Age 4

During this time, you need to create more military units and attack your enemy. You should have a stable economy by now and should have enough units to attack the enemy.

This is what you need to know about the Delhi Sultanate in Age of Empires 4. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on the Rus civilization.