Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 5.5 launched yesterday, and it mixes the game up by a massive amount. Suddenly, there’s so much more for you to do in this game that you’ve probably already spent hundreds of hours in. Obviously, that’s no bad thing, but it can be quite daunting taking on another huge chunk of content when you don’t know where to start. This guide covers everything you should look to do first once the update is out, from the very basic elements to the hardcore and most complex ones that will challenge everyone.

Find Darcy

The very first thing you should do in Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 5.5 is find the new Operative, Darcy. She’s a member of the Assassin’s Brotherhood, and as a result, is very much a fighter. For many, she may be the most powerful Operative you’ve ever had access to in the game. Unfortunately for some, she’s only available as a playable character for those with the season pass. You’ll be able to use her as an Assassin, which is maybe the best thing about her. She even packs a hidden blade, the iconic weapon of the brotherhood, so make the most of it and you’ll be making the most of this expansion.

Complete the new Story

Once you’ve found Darcy, it’s time to take on the new story content in the game. This is, as you may have guessed, all based around the Assassin’s Brotherhood and their actions in London. The Assassins are always working for the freedom of the people, pushing against those who would seek to control them. There’s a new secret temple to unlock, an antagonist to find and kill, and a group of Templars who are constantly working against you. The story will be the biggest focus we’ve ever had on modern day assassin’s so any Assassin’s Creed fans should pay attention.

Tackle the new World Events

With a new story and theme come some new World Events. These are small side quests that will trigger in the world. They’re all optional, but they’re also worth heading for and completing if you’re into the Assassin’s Creed side of things. These haven’t been officially revealed yet, but they’ll likely involve a lot of stealth and a well-guarded target at the end to kill. It’s important for you to be as stealthy as possible, because targets will no doubt have reinforcements to call in when they hear a lot of commotion. This, again, is about as close to Assassin’s Creed as Watch Dogs will ever get.

Try Resistance Mode

Resistance Mode is a new game mode in Watch Dogs: Legion. This is a new way to play the game, and it’s something that you’ll struggle to get through even if you’re very skilled. It turns Albion against DedSec in a much more aggressive fashion. Now, heading through a checkpoint will be impossible. Drones will spot you, as will soldiers, and it’ll be harder to shake Albion once they’ve seen you. In this game mode, you’ve got to navigate London without being seen. This is possible if you’re good at stealth, but being seen will totally change the way the game is played. Suddenly, you’ve got to get out of sight and hide in a decent place, otherwise, you’ll be taken down.

Try Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead

With this update, Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is finally coming to PC and consoles out of alpha. It’s a new game mode that fills London with zombies and tasks players with escaping. There’s an exit helicopter, but you have to buy your way on with a certain number of supplies. You’ll find these supplies around London, but most are guarded by scared groups of people who will fight you for them. Once you’ve gathered the supplies, you can escape.

Escaping completes a run. You can then spend your supplies on upgrading your starting equipment for the next run. If you’re good, you’ll make your loadout more effective. Leaving you more space to kill and collect more supplies in a future run. It’s a game mode that resembles roguelikes but has its own distinct take on the genre as well. It’s also a bit of a zombie shooter, blending well with the aesthetic and layout of London that has been built here. Players will find a new challenge that’s refreshing as a distraction from the main game here.

Try Invasion PvP

Invasion is a new online game mode. In it, you’ll be sent into another player’s game world. Once there, you need to track them down and get close to them. This will trigger a hack, and you have to successfully complete it without being found. If you do, you’ll then need to escape before the player can find you. This will unlock new rewards and makes for yet another big change in the Watch Dogs: Legion Online world. It’s also a great way to play with friends without actually having to attack and kill them. After all, this is a game about hacking.

Try Extraction PvP

Extraction mode is another new PvP mode where you need to steal something from another player. You’ll go and pick it up, and then you’ll be hinted as you try to escape. This is definitely the more high-octane PvP mode, one that will see you getting into frantic car chases around London. It’s also what most fans have been asking for since the game came out. It was in the original Watch Dogs, and now it feels right at home in this latest title.

Essentially, you need to try everything in this order to make the most of this update. There’s a lot that’s just been released in the game, and trying it all out will provide you with the break you need from the most basic and repeatable content you’ve probably been playing for months now. Just make sure you don’t burn yourself out, take it a step at a time, and try to have fun while you’re getting into all of the new game modes and content on offer.