Far Cry 6 has plenty of pet companions that have different abilities which can prove useful against enemies. In this Far Cry 6 guide, we are going to go over how you can unlock all Amigos in the game.

How To Get All Amigos In Far Cry 6

The following are all the Amigos in Far Cry 6 and how you can unlock them:

Guapo – Crocodile

Guapo is your starting pet companion and you get him pretty early on in the game after you have completed the first few missions. Getting him is part of the story and you can’t miss him. He is great at attacking enemies and can take them out. He can also revive himself which is great in combat.

Chorizo – Puppy

Chorizo is great at distracting enemies so that you can take them out sneakily or get past them without being detected. You can unlock this Amigo in the Madrugada region by competing two of his side missions. One will have you get crocodile meat for him. The little guy does have interesting tastes.

Boom Boom – Dog

If you played Far Cry 5, then you will remember Boom Boom. He can tag enemies for you which can come in handy if you are going to be heading behind enemy lines. You can unlock this Amigo in the Valle de Oro region.

Chicharron- Rooster

Chicharron can slingshot himself at enemies. He also does double the damage when his health drops below 70% once he has killed 12 enemies. To unlock this Amigo you need to heat to the Patriotas Peak in El Este where you will meet the Legends. You will then be able to complete the quest called Man’s Best Enemy. During the quest, you are going to meet the roaster. You then need to do three short missions and you can unlock the Rooster and have him around in battle.

Oluso – Black Panther

Oluso is the hardest pet companion to unlock. You need to complete a set of three treasure hunts. Each of them are in the three main territories of Yara. Head over to Oluwa Cave on Isla Santuario and read the note that you see on the floor at the end of the cave in order to start the quest. The treasures are going to be marked on your map. Once you have all three you need to come back to the Oluwa Cave and defeat some cats. You will then find Oluso, who you can revive to unlock.

Champagne – White Panther

Far Cry 6 Amigos

Champagne cannot be obtained in-game. You need to buy his DLC in order to unlock him. He is included in the Ultimate Edition of the game. If you want him then you can buy the Vice Pack DLC from the store.

K-9000 – Robot Dog

Far Cry 6 Amigos

K-9000 can only be obtained by getting the Blood Dragon Set day one DLC for Far Cry 6. This is included in the Gold and Ultimate edition of the game. If you have either then you can get the Amigo once you have left Isla Santuario and reached Libertad Island.

This is how you can unlock all the Amigos in Far Cry 6. To learn more about the game check out our guide on how you can get all the best weapons in Far Cry 6.