Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a phenomenal tactical shooter game. It’s full of combat and intense experiences to be had. However, there’s also a lot of stuff going on behind those scenes, such as upgrading your gear and weapons. In this guide, we’ll be covering Ghost Recon: Breakpoint elite weapon parts.

How you pick them up, and how to use them in the game as well.

What are Weapon Parts?

Ghost Recon- Breakpoint Elite Weapon Parts
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First, we need to look at what weapon parts are in this game. They’re what you need to upgrade weapons, but they come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them will work in a single case, so you need to know what you’re doing to work with them.

There is also a bit of an issue with standard weapon parts. These actually become very difficult to acquire after hitting a certain gear score. So you need to know how the systems work in order to continue grabbing them.

How to Acquire Weapon Parts in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

get weapon parts ghost recon
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Just like changing class in the game, there’s not much guidance for grabbing weapon parts. However, you’ll soon start to notice that you’re picking them up with every piece of gear that you salvage.

This is the core of how to get weapon parts in the game. The more gear and weapons you salvage, the more weapon parts you’ll have.

Below, we’ve included a list of what you’ll get from salvaging various items in the game.

  • Metal Part – You get this by salvaging any weapon, but can also be picked up from downed drones.
  • Gun Part – These are acquired by salvaging any weapon. the part will change with the type of weapon you salvage. For example, you’ll get SMG parts from salvaging SMGs.
  • Standard Weapon Part – Any grey weapons salvaged will drop these.
  • Standard Gear Part – Grey armor drops this when salvaged.
  • Improved Weapon Part – You get these by salvaging green weapons.
  • Improved Gear Part – You’ll get these when salvaging blue armor pieces.
  • Advanced Weapon Part – Blue weapons will drop these when salvaged.
  • Advanced Gear Part – A purple armor piece will drop these when salvaged.
  • High-End Weapon Part – When you salvage a purple weapon, they’ll drop these. They will also very rarely appear as loot drops from soldiers out in the world.
  • High-End Gear Part – You can get these when salvaging purple armor pieces.
  • Elite Weapon Part – Yellow weapons, also called ‘Elite Weapons’ will drop these when they are salvaged. They are also a rare drop when killing soldiers in the world.
  • Elite Gear Part – Salvage any yellow weapon and you can pick these up from it.

Signature weapons are different. They’ll drop the weapon part for the type they are, as well as Standard Metal Parts. This is all you’ll get from them, but they’re so good they’re not worth salvaging.

Farming Standard Weapon Parts at a High Gear Score

farming standard weapon parts
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As we mentioned earlier, getting Standard Weapon Parts becomes quite challenging later in the game. This is because your gear score is naturally increasing with the improved gear you keep acquiring throughout your campaign.

This can be awkward. If you find a Standard Weapon that you want to upgrade fully, then you’ll become stuck at a certain point. The game incorrectly assumes that you want something better every time, and don’t wan to look back to upgrade a weapon.

There is one way around this issue if this sounds like something you’re suffering with.

You need to go to the Aamon Assault Area in the Sinking Country peninsula. It’s very close to the Typhoon Bay Bivouac, so look for that and fast travel there if you already have it.

Here, you’ll find two drones around level 100. As long as your gear score is endgame high, which is why you have this issue, you’ll be able to destroy these drones without too much of a fuss.

There’s a wooden shack in the middle of the area if you want some cover from the fight. It’s always best to fight from cover in this game anyway.

By killing these drones, you’re likely to get Standard Weapon Parts as a reward. They won’t always drop them, but they will drop them more often than not. This is how you can farm Standard Weapon Parts at any level.

Now, you can’t just fast travel away and expect the drones to respawn. They’re on a bit of a timer. To get around this, log out of the game and then log back in. This will reset your world and cause the drones to spawn back in. ( You can then kill them again and claim those Standard Weapon Parts.


The alternative method is to have the ‘Convoy Upgrade’ perk. This will allow you to loot convoys for these Standard Weapon Parts. This does take up a perk slot though, so you need to be sure about it if you’re going to use it.

Locked Preset Weapons

weapon presets
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Sometimes, you’ll try to salvage a weapon and find that it’s locked in a preset. This is an issue with the game that still hasn’t been fixed. If you had a weapon equipped under a different class, it’s now locked to a preset.

You can get around this by heading to a Bivouac and changing those presets. Select the class and change the weapons. You should now be able to salvage the weapons.

Upgrading Weapons

upgrade weapons
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To upgrade a weapon, you need to select the upgrade option in your loadout menu. This will take you to a new screen for that weapon.

Every segment of every weapon can be upgraded to MK2 or MK3. These are more powerful than a weapon’s initial form.

To upgrade them, you need to have the parts required. Then, you can select the option to upgrade, and the weapon will be permanently upgraded.

Interestingly, this doesn’t mater much in immersive mode. Levels are turned off there, and you can take a starting weapon through the entire game.

If that sounds easier, it’s certainly a very different way to play the game. It’s not without its charms though, and removing all this complicated business is one of them.