The Leechmonger may be the most disgusting boss in all of Demon’s Souls history. It’s a collection of leeches that has taken on a soul and is now hell-bent on killing everything that comes near it.

This is not a nice boss to fight. In this guide, we’ll be covering the best way to defeat this boss, including some tips for various types of builds.

Before You Fight

leechmonger boss fight
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As you head into this battle, there are some important things that might help you out.

First, if you’ve got a melee build, then slap some Turpentine or Sticky White Stuff on your sword or weapon. You could also use the Dragon Long Sword +3, which is particularly powerful against this boss.

For ranged builds, you can use the Lava Bow or Compound Long Bow +3, both of which will greatly assist you.

Finally, for a magic build, you need Firestorm. This move destroys the boss and will do so in a few seconds. ( Fire Spray is also very good against the boss.

If you’ve specialized in Soul Ray, then equip all the items that will boost that move to the max. you should have a few of them at this point.


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There are two things that are going to help you with this boss. The first is distance. You can maintain this by standing on the uppermost level. There’s also a cave within the area that’s good for taking cover in.

With the right bow, you can kill this boss from the entrance. It’s a surefire way to kill it, but it’ll take you the longest amount of time.

Attacks and Tactics

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There are a few moves to look out for with this hulking mess of leeches. The first is the Sweep. This move sees the boss sweep both fist shapes in a circular motion in front of it. It’ll alternate between left to right and right to left, and it’ll do that a couple of times before it’s finished.

To avoid this attack, you need to dodge roll to the opposite side of where that fist shape is going.

For example, if the fist is coming at you from the left, dodge into it. The frames in the dodge will help you avoid taking any damage. You then need to do the same as the fist shape comes back the other way.

Berserker Attack

Next on the moves list is the Berserker Attack. The Leechmonger will raise its fist/arm shapes and batter the ground around it. This sees it slamming all around the place, causing havoc wherever a fist shape lands.

While this attack can be blocked, it’s going to knock you down regardless. The best thing to do when you see this coming is to dodge backward and get away from the boss. It’s going to have a small tantrum, so let it play out before you run in and get some damage in.


The third attack this boss will perform is actually a Heal move. It will draw all of the leeches around it into it. This creates an orb of leeches around its midsection.

The orb should glow. After a short time, the boss will begin to heal a decent chunk of health.

You need to attack the blob of leeches and kill them. Get them off of the Leechmonger as quickly as possible. This will prevent them from healing the boss, and make it possible for you to prevent the move altogether.


The final attack is lovingly named Leechballs. This move sees the boss curl inwards and then release six large balls of leeches. These will all be thrown out in random directions.

If you’re hit by one, it’ll slow you right down for a chunk of time. While this is happening, the leeches in the ball will also be dealing damage to you. Small amounts over time.

To avoid this, dodge. You want to get away from these Leechballs as much as you can. Getting hit could cost you the fight.

If you head down the valley and out of the way, the boss will have a lot of trouble hitting you. This attack is the only one you should outright run away from instead of trying to dodge. It’s never worth the risk.


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As you would expect, the lore behind this boss is disgusting. The Leechmonger is a mass of blood-sucking leeches.

The demon’s soul within has brought them together to be the seething mass of limbs and death that you fight. The boss lives in a pool of scum, waiting for any unsuspecting people to walk by so that it can emerge and consume them. When they do, it rises up, takes form, and attacks.

The enemy never needs to leave its disgusting home. There’s always another potential meal just around the corner.

Closing Notes

As far as bosses in Demon’s Souls go, this is one of the more interesting. It’s a giant mass of leeches, but it’s also a very intriguing creature overall. clearly, enough people have passed by it and been defeated that it has grown fat off of their body and souls.

The more it consumes, the larger it becomes. It’s almost like it’s been the tipping point for so many before you.

Any enemy that lurks in scummy water is up to no good. This one lurks unformed though. It’s able to hide in plain sight. You could walk by the water and never suspect it’s there.

There are bosses like the Old Monk that are also nothing much to look at until they animate. These bosses are possibly the worst in terms of surprises.

There’s nothing more terrifying than walking into an area and believing you’re safe. Bosses always ruin this perception, and they usually do it in the worst way.

It doesn’t help that the arenas they live in are often geared towards helping them kill you either.

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