Hitman 3 has a huge number of challenges for players to complete in every single location. This extends the gameplay time for every location dramatically. As long as you want to complete them all that is. (https://justsayyes.org) In this guide, we’re not covering a challenge though. Instead, we’re going to take you through how to collect every single key in Dartmoor. The Hitman 3 Dartmoor Keys will help you access new areas and make your life so much easier. Pay attention.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Keys Guide

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There are a total of four keys to collect all around the Dartmoor location. Each one does something different. Here, we’ll break them down by location and use.

Greenhouse Key

The greenhouse is one of the toughest areas to get into in Dartmoor. It’s also one of the most useful, which is why you need to access it. Here’s the thing, this key is constantly moving around. It’s not in any one place. It’s on Emma Carlisle.

To get the greenhouse key, all you need to do is incapacitate Emma. You can do this by subduing her from behind. Or, you might want to throw something at her head. You can even kill her. Either way, you’ll get the key. If you’re going for a silent assassin run, it’s best to subdue her and hide her body so no one finds it.

Fernsby’s Office Key

Fernsby is the butler here in Dartmoor. He’s also hiding some crucial evidence. That’s what makes this key so essential. It opens his office. Once again though, it’s very tough to get a hold of.

Just like the greenhouse key, you’ll need to acquire this key by knocking out or killing Fernsby himself. This might be tricky for silent assassin runs, but if you’re just looking to play the game normally, you could hide his body. Make sure you pick the key up once you’re done with him though.

Emma and Gregory’s Room Key

Emma might have the greenhouse key, but Gregory has the key to his and Emma’s room. Don’t take him down in front of security. Instead, get him away from them and knock him out or kill him then. He’ll drop the key and you can get into the room.

Rebecca’s Room Key

As with the other room keys, Rebecca has hers. She’s slightly harder to pin down, so make sure that you’re following her when you see her. Take her down and steal her key, then her room is yours to investigate.

Master Key

As the name would imply, the master key will open all locked doors in the mansion. However, it doesn’t open the greenhouse, which is a bit of a bummer. The key is pretty easy to get if you’ve been breaking into Fernsby’s Office.

you can find the key in this location on the left as you enter. It’s up on a bookshelf. All you need to do is take it and be on your way.

Why do You Need These Keys?

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The main reason you’d pick up all of these keys in Dartmoor is to unlock every location you need to. When playing through the main story mission, which is a murder mystery affair, you’ll need to investigate everyone. That means that you’ll need to get into every room and snoop about. You have to uncover all the hidden evidence to complete the story mission successfully.

That’s where all of the keys are in Dartmoor. Let us know if you managed to get them all and complete the mission in the comments.