Hitman 3 has been out for a while now. As a result, a lot of players are trying to work their way through each mission as fast as possible. While it’s an interesting process to get into, these players probably need a Hitman 3 speedrun guide to get them through. That’s why in this guide, we’ve put together a list of every mission in Hitman 3, and have added a speedrun tutorial. There’s a video to show you what to do, and we’ve also added in some details to help you master the levels successfully. If you’re struggling, refer to the note and you’ll be fine.

With each of these you should probably have a mastery level of 20. A high mastery level will be required because you’re going to be using some high level exits, entrances, and tools. Without them, this will be an impossible challenge. If there’s something you don’t have, go away and unlock it. Then, come back and make an attempt at the speedrun.

Dubai – On Top of the World

The mistake that most people make in this mission is taking it on from the standard starting location. Here, you need to be a guard in the Security Room. It’s an easy entrance to unlock, and from there you should have everything you need. Your first kill is with a pistol. You kill your first target about halfway through your run. All you need to do is aim up and kill him while he’s leaning on the balcony. It’s not difficult at all. Your second kill comes after using a flash grenade to blind everyone in the area. After that, your escape is the elevator. You’ll have to unlock that prior to doing this speedrun.

Dartmoor – Death in the Family

This run is nice and easy. You start as the Investigator, which is a high-level starting location. Before you even get all the way up the stairs, you can shoot a chandelier and have it crash down on your target’s head. This is a super quick kill, and leaves you free to take your own route to grab the case file. As you can see, the run does make use of a tranquilizer weapon as well. Follow the route for the case file, and then follow how it takes two NPCs down in order to escape. This is a method that you can very easily replicate with the correct tools because you have an incredibly powerful disguise.

Berlin – Apex Predator

This run is perhaps the most challenging. You’ll be starting as a biker in the back of the club. From there, your task is to take out five targets as quickly as possible. These people aren’t always marked though, even in instinct mode. that’s what makes this speedrun so difficult. Keep an eye on what NPCs are being killed in the run, and follow the route exactly as it’s shown. You can’t deviate because it will result in you killing a non-target, or one that isn’t part of the optimal path. Keep to the route shown and you’ll get through no problem.

Chongqing – End of an Era

Chongqing is an incredible area. However, it’s also got two targets that are nowhere near each other. Getting them closer to each other, and killing them quickly, is difficult. Completing the rest of the mission is damn near impossible on top of that though. You’ll start on the rooftop, and immediately need to take out the drones. This is important because it’ll draw one of your targets up to the area. Then, you’re heading after a second target, they’re a lot easier to reach. The tranquilizer really does come into its own here as you approach that second target. It’s masterful. After that though, all that’s left to do is escape, and that’s very easy. This might seem like a daunting challenge, but with practice, you’ll smash it in no time.

Mendoza – The Farewell

This is another mission that seems impossible to do fast, but it’s not. Your starting location is the shrine, which is quite a high-level starting location. Still, if you can get it, then you can do this. You’ll then be sneaking into one target’s home and killing him whilst moving on to kill the other with an explosion. This is the peak of Hitman 3 speedrun strategies. It doesn’t really get any better than this. You can try to optimize the path if you want, but this one is probably the best one in the game at this point. The only things you’ll need to have are a pistol and a remote detonator. Both of these are easy to unlock, it’s just the starting location that’s a high-level one.

Carpathian Mountains – Unbreakable

The final mission in the game is the only one without a good starting point. You’ve got to go from the very beginning, and that’s disappointing. This whole mission is disappointing though. At least you can make it more enjoyable with a good Hitman 3 speedrun time. The route is the best one to take through the map. All you’re doing is constantly moving forward, and there are no items that will optimize your path. The hardest bit to get right is the section with guards at the end. Making sure that they’re all stunned is painstakingly precise. Get it right though, and the rest of the mission is easy. (https://lsu79.org)

We’re sure that there are other Hitman 3 speedrun strategies out there that look different to this one. That’s a given. The best one remains to be determined. As the community works on more speedruns, they’ll pull together the best one and get the world record sorted. Until then though, more strategies will pop up. For now, this is a good starting point from which to build your own strategies. They’re all open for interpretation and messing about with. You just need to find your groove and work away within it to make the best speedruns. After that, you can move onto the first Hitman and Hitman 2, as well as the Escalations and more.

Image Source: PC Gamer