Aruni is the Operator that was introduced to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Neon Dawn. She’s a completely different character to play as, which is what makes her so great. There are two core ways to pick up Aruni, and neither of them are free. In this How to get Aruni Rainbow Six Siege guide, we’ll cover these two methods of acquiring the new Operator.

How to get Aruni in Rainbow Six Siege

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The first method of earning this new character is to buy the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass. Every year Ubisoft releases a pass for the game. It allows owners to access all the new updates one week early and awards a number of additional benefits. These include increased experience point gains, as well as store discounts, and even access to time-limited events.

This Operator is included in the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass. She’s the last Operator to be a part of the pass, since soon we’ll be into the game’s sixth year. This isn’t a bad thing though, in fact, it could be advantageous to you if you don’t already own the pass.

At this late point in the year, the pass doesn’t have much to offer. Everyone has already had their early access to the rest of the content in the pass. Paying full price now would seem like a rip-off. If you wait, the pass could come down in price around the holiday season. That’s the perfect time to pick it up and get Aruni.

Real/In-Game Money

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There’s always a second method of earning Operators in Rainbow Six Siege. This is, of course, with in-game currency. You can either spend the less valuable currency in the game to purchase Aruni, or pay for the premium credits and buy her that way. It will cost you fewer premium credits to buy her, but that’s because you need to pay real-world cash for this currency.

While it might seem like a grind to earn enough free in-game currency to purchase Aruni, it’s the only method of getting her that’s free. It simply costs you more of your time. If you play Rainbow Six Siege every day, then this probably isn’t an issue. If however, you don’t play the game regularly, buying Aruni is the better method for you.

The cost for Operators in the game when it comes to the free currency increases with every Operator you purchase. They start out cheap, but to complete a collection, you’ll be spending a lot of currency by the end. This is why many players opt to purchase the Year Pass for the game. It entitles them to everything they want, when they want it.

That’s all there is to know about how to get Aruni. Unfortunately, there’s no in-game challenge that makes earning her any easier or cheaper. You have to bite the bullet and either put the time into your game, or put the money into the game instead.

If there’s something that you think we missed about how to get Aruni, please let us know in the comments.