Demon’s Souls is absolutely packed with bosses. Whether you’re playing the original on PS3, or the brand new remake on PS5, you’ll come up against all of these walls. In this guide, we’re looking at the second boss that you’ll be fighting, the Armored Spider. This boss is no pushover, and it looks utterly terrifying. Armed with this information, you should find the boss an absolute breeze though.


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Like most bosses in Demon’s Souls, the Armored Spider doesn’t have phases. Instead, the boss has two types of attack that it’s going to pull out. In this first section, we’ll explore the melee attacks.

The main melee attack you’re going to see from the boss is a big leg sweep. You can tell that the boss is going to do this because it’ll cross its two smaller front legs. Given that this boss has eight legs, it’s quite a powerful attack if it hits you. If you think it’s coming, roll back as fast as possible.

The second melee attach from this boss is a body slam. This can be part of the leg sweep, so you really need to get the distance between you and it if this is on the way. The slam will almost certainly cause damage to you, so you need to be careful. As with the above attack, roll back and dodge this.


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Now we’re into the attacks that this boss will pull out if you’ve got some distance between you and it.

The first ranged attack sees the boss fire a sling of web at you. While the web barely deals any physical damage, it’s going to start inflicting a slowing effect, encasing your character in web. You don’t want this to happen, because it’ll slow you right down and leave you open to any other attacks. Dodge the web shooting every chance you get.

The second attack is a sneaky one. The boss will fire two web streams into the tunnel, encasing the walls in web. If you touch this, then you’re stuck. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen. Dodge the shot but keep away from the walls until the web is gone.

Now we’re onto the proper ranged attacks. The Armored Spider can shoot a fireball down the tunnel. It’ll spit it out of its mouth. Dodge these, they’re pretty slow but pack a real punch.

At some points during the fight, the boss can fire two to three fireballs in quick succession. Keep dodging until the boss stops firing them. These are lethal, so you don’t want to be touched by the fire.

Finally, the boss will spray fire that will cover the whole tunnel. This is a devastating attack that kills most players in their early encounters with it. If you notice that the boss is charging up, get behind it. This could cause it to stomp you, but that’s better than the fire attack. If you’re in front of it, run to the start of the tunnel to avoid all damage.


It’s said that this boss was created by the Fat Ministers to guard the entrance to Tunnel City. This is because the fireballs it uses are slightly more powerful versions of those used by the Fat Ministers.

It’s also thought that the boss is a creation, not a mutation of some wildlife. This is because there are no other spiders, and it’s a unique creature in that sense. However, the webbing is thought to be some sort of processed ore, which is why it’s so sticky and awful to fight against.

That’s it! If you enjoyed the guide, let us know in the comments. If you’re struggling with other Demon’s Souls bosses, then check out our other guides: Phalanx.