Recently Ubisoft revealed the last new Operation coming to their popular shooter, Neon Dawn. The Operation adds a brand new operator into the mix, reworks another that has gone sorely underused for almost an entire year, and even a reworked map. However, what most people want to know is the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn release date. Read it below.

The release date for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn is December 3, 2020. It’s available on the Rainbow Six Siege Public Test Server from November 9, 2020. This is only on PC though.

New Defender: Aruni

Image Source: Polygon

Aruni is the only new Operator being added to Rainbow Six Siege with Neon Dawn. The previous Operation, Shadow Legacy, added a single Attacker, so it makes sense that Neon Dawn adds in a single Defender.

Aruni is a technical specialist on a mission to help prevent as many accidents caused by warfare as she can. Her sister was killed by an unexploded landmine when she was younger. Aruni was playing with her and suffered the loss of two limbs as a result.

In Neon Dawn, Aruni has access to some of the best tech available, including prosthetics, and an incredible gadget.

Her gadget is the Surya Gate. This is an item that can be thrown above a doorway or window. It will project a laser grid over the opening that destroys projectiles and harms any Attackers who jump through them. It’s an incredibly powerful gadget because it has infinite uses, and can redefine the openings on any given map.

Tachanka Rework

Image Source: IGN

For years the Operator called Tachanka has been useless. Now though, players can pick him up and use him in an entirely new way. His tripod is gone. Instead, he lugs around his same DP27 LMG, slashing through cover like a hot knife through butter. He also has a new gadget, an incendiary grenade launcher that makes very short work of anything it hits.

Skyscraper Redesign

Image Source: PCGamesN

The final component to Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn, arriving on its release date, is a rework to Skyscraper. This map was introduced years ago, but now it’s been completely redesigned to provide a totally new experience.

Paths have been opened up and shut off, and any Defender heading outside will be revealed within 1 second. This map was massively underused, much like Tachanka, because it was too easy for Defenders to win on. However, Ubisoft is confident that they’ve done enough to make it viable once again with this redesign.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn is the final Operation to be added to the game with Year 5. Any Year 5 Pass holders will get it slightly earlier than everyone else, and anyone without the Year 5 Pass will need to buy Aruni with in-game microtransactions.

Year 6 for Rainbow Six Siege won’t start until 2021. With the game moving to next-gen platforms, Ubisoft probably has a number of plans for what Year 6 will look like. Only time will tell just what those new Operators and maps are going to be though.

Image Source: SiegeGG