In this Dead by Daylight How to Juke guide you will learn the different types of juking, what it actually means, and how to pull it off nicely.

Dead by Daylight can be a very serious game. It’s all about either hunting down as many survivors as you can and murdering them.

It’s also about surviving for as long as possible in order to escape an insane killer.

However, once you learn how to juke in Dead by Daylight, you’ll see that it can also be an incredibly funny game. Of course, you need to be the one performing the jukes.

Dead by Daylight How to Juke – What is Juking in Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight How to Juke

Juking in Dead by Daylight is simply a set of methods for catching other players. These moves make you look extremely skilled in the game.

They don’t require much actual skill, but they definitely make you look like you know what you’re doing.

There are a number of different jukes that you can pull off in Dead by Daylight. Here we’re going to cover all of the basics.

Vault Juke on Killers

Dead by Daylight How to Juke

The Vault juke is a really simple juke that you can do in your very first match in the game.

First, you need to get the killer in a certain position. They need to want to vault through a window in order to follow you. You can achieve this by being chased, making the killer get invested in finally grabbing you.

Head for large structures on the map, and move to the sides with windows but no doors.

Once you see a decent window, you need to vault straight through it. If the killer is invested enough in chasing you, they’ll follow you by vaulting through the window too.

Killers take much longer than survivors to vault through windows, and that’s the crux of this juke. Whilst the killer is vaulting, crouch and get under their feet as they come through.

Almost every single killer won’t notice you if you do this quickly enough. That’s because they’ll assume that you’ve already run away, and want to start chasing you as soon as they can.

Once the killer is all the way through the window, vault back out of it. If you’ve crouched under their feet, or nearby the window, whilst they’ve been vaulting, start pressing the action button.

This will make it so that you’ll vault through the window as soon as they’ve finished their vaulting animation.

At this point, you’ve probably just sent a killer on a wild goose chase. They will be hunting inside that building for you.

All the while, you’ve snuck out right under their nose, and are free to get some distance between you both. With that distance, you could even get some repairing done to a generator.

Pallet Juke on Killers

Dead by Daylight How to Juke

The pallet juke is a much more challenging juke, and there are a couple of versions of it too. It’s also impossible to pull off against those killers who are more observant than others.

You’ll need to be careful when performing this one, but it’s always worth a try. One tip that we have is to try not to use this juke against killers with Brutal Strength as their perk.

First Pallet Juke

The first type of pallet juke is performed on pallets that haven’t been dropped yet. Usually you’d drop a pallet if you were being chased by a killer, because it stops them dead in their tracks.

Killers need to smash the pallet in order to continue chasing you in that path, or find a new one.

For this first juke, drop a pallet while being chased by a killer. Then, instead of running away, stand on the other side of the pallet, taunting the killer.

Once the killer has smashed the pallet, immediately run at them. The killer’s animation will finish slowly, allowing you to run behind them.

Then (this is where the skill comes in) you need to stay behind the killer as they turn to try to chase you.

Once they’ve turned around, and you’ve successfully stayed hidden behind them, run away from them. The killer will have no idea where you’ve gone.

Second Pallet Juke

The second pallet juke is basically the same as the first. However, instead of waiting to be chased, you can set the juke up early by finding a pallet and dropping it.

Survivors can slide across dropped pallets, in the same way that they can quickly vault through windows. Be warned though, it takes longer to slider over a pallet than it does to drop one as you run.

Once you’re on the opposite side of the pallet to the killer, you follow the same pattern to pull off this second juke.

Third Pallet Juke

This third pallet juke is perhaps the hardest to pull off, and requires the most skill. To start, you need to have the killer chasing you.

Head towards a point on the map where you know there is a pallet you can drop, but don’t drop it.

Instead, run through the pallet, and circle back on yourself, running through it again and again, making the killer think that you either can’t, or won’t, drop the pallet.

Here’s the tricky part. Just after you’ve run through the pallet, and the killer is running full speed towards you, turn around and run back through it, but also press the button to drop the pallet.

This will do one of two things. It can either drop the pallet in front of the killer, causing them to be stunned on the opposite side to you, or it can drop the pallet, push you forward, and put the killer on the side behind you.

If the first instance occurs, turn around and run away, or perform one of the other two pallet jukes with the dropped pallet between you and the killer.

If the second instance occurs, keep on running away. This second instance is what you want to happen, because it puts the killer at a huge distance to you, with a blockage in-between.

Locker Juke on Killers

The locker juke is a mind game that you end up playing with a killer. It wastes the killer’s time, and gives you a bit of breathing room if you’re running with an injury.

Unlike the previous jukes, this one requires a bit more distance between you and the killer. You need to be able to get around a corner with a good few seconds before the killer can follow.

You need to find a locker that is around a corner, and then lead the killer to that corner, whilst maintaining that distance. Once you see the killer approaching, turn the corner and get inside the locker.

If you have the Quick and Quiet perk, then you can get inside a locker faster without making noise.

When the killer rounds the corner, they’ll run right past the locker and think that you’ve run off somewhere else on the map. They should then try to follow you, but they’ll never find you.

Once the killer has passed the locker, and is looking in the wrong direction, get out of the locker and get around that corner again.

This will make it impossible for the killer to see you, even if they turn around, and will give you a great chance of escaping them.

Locker Juke for Blocking Killer Damage

Whilst this isn’t a juke in the same way as all of the others on this list are, it is a tactic that you can use to avoid taking a hit from a killer.

Certain killers, like the Hillbilly and the Nurse, have attacks that they charge up and use over great distances.

If you see a killer charging this attack behind you, and you see a locker nearby, run to it.

When you make it to the locker in time, run to the door and get in it. At the point that the killer lets off their attack whilst you’re inside the locker, or getting in, their attack will hit the object, not you.

Once in the locker, get right out again and run off. These charge attacks inflict an exhausted effect on the killer for a few seconds after they’re used, so you’ll be able to get some distance between the two of you if you run off straight away.

Hiding Jukes and Fake Jukes on Killers

Hiding Dead by Daylight - Dead by Daylight How to Juke

Fake jukes are easy to pull off, but they don’t always work. Mostly these can be pulled off by simply making the killer think that you’re going to do something.

For example, if you run outside and towards a window, the killer will think that you’re going to vault it.

If they vault through and you’re crouched under their feet, they might think that you’re going to pull a vault juke. This will make them vault back through. If you don’t pull a vault juke though, you can just run away.

Hiding is another hard juke to pull off. However, once you’ve played the game for a while, you might be able to do it. Use each map’s environment to your advantage, getting as many obstacles between you and the killer as you can.

If you can get through a window whilst a killer runs through a door to pursue you, you can vault back through and hide behind some rocks, equipment, or even trees.

Sometimes the killer won’t be able to see you behind these objects. Most of the time they’ll run off somewhere else to try to catch you. This juke is probably the fastest, and allows you to get away much quicker as well.

The final juke on this list is the corner juke. All you need to do is continually run around tight corners. Eventually you’ll come to a dead end, the killer will run in, and they’ll try to hit you.

If you’re fast enough, you can squeeze out the door and be around the corner before their hit even lands.

Of course, there are variations that you can do on all of these jukes. Many players utilise quick movement to avoid killers without any items to help them. We think that these are just a good place to get started.

Let us know how you get on with juking killers in the comments.