In our Marshal Villager guide we’re going to cover absolutely everything there is to know about one of the most popular Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the Villager Popularity List he is always swapping with Raymond for first or second place, showing just how desirable he is.

Marshal first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS, but he’s become way more popular since New Horizons launched. He’s an off-white squirrel, and has an adorable fringe. He can often be seen walking around in his favourite puffy vest, and carries an umbrella on rainy days.

Who is Marshal?

who is marshal animal crossing new horizons

Other than the colour of his fur, it’s Marshal’s personality that makes him stick out the most. He can be found chatting away with almost everybody on your island at some point in time, and even stands on his own talking away to himself at times. while this might look a little disturbing, it’s just a nervous habit, and it’s better that he gets it out of his system isn’t it?

It’s thought that Marshal’s name is a reference to his marshmallow-like appearance, though that really is a subjective view. He’s all about making the most of every day, which is why you’ll find him out and about so much. He enjoys playing music and singing, but you probably won’t know that he’s having a good time because of the constant frown that he wears.


Marshal’s birthday is on September 29. Like all Villagers, he’ll spend the day inside his house hanging out with all of the Villagers who pop over to see him, so make sure you do. He’ll definitely talk to you about his birthday once it has passed, so mark it in your calendar and make sure you don’t miss it.

Marshal’s Personality

marshal's personality animal crossing new horizons

Marshal has the smug personality type, which makes him quite polite with every Villager he comes across, as well as players. Those with the smug personality type tend to get on with every other personality type, but they will spark conflict with cranky Villagers at times. That’s probably going to be because of the cranky Villagers getting up on the wrong side of the bed though.

Marshal will need to stroke his ego from time to time, so just put up with it when he simply has to tell you about how great he is every now and then. It’s annoying, but having him live on your island really is worth it.

Marshal’s House

marshal's house animal crossing new horizons

Marshal’s home has seen a drastic change between New Leaf and New Horizons. On the 3DS game he had a number of items from the Sloppy Series, which is a set of furniture that makes your house look messy, and like everything is out of place. He also had a huge flat-screen TV, washing machine, and coat hanger. All in all, he used to look like he couldn’t take care of himself, which is possibly a reference to how smug he is with everyone when he talks to them.

In New Horizons Marshal has gotten himself together, and has a house that looks much more fitting for someone with the smug personality type. It’s filled with items from the Cafe Set, including both a coffee grinder and stovetop espresso maker, both of which he must use to fill the coffee cup that looks way too big for him.

His love of music is clear from the piano in the corner, and his tastes have obviously improved along with his music maturation, because he has a few items from the Ironwood Set as well. He has the Blue-Delicate Blooms wallpaper and Modern Wood Flooring, giving the interior of his house the feel of an upmarket cafe, which is exactly how he likes it.

A lot of people seem to think that Marshal is quite an angry Villager, and that has a lot to do with the way he speaks to them. The video below shows just a few examples of Marshal’s saltiness. (

That’s everything you need to know about Marshal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Is he your favourite Villager? Or your most loathed? Maybe you think he’s just a small, furry ball of anger too? Let us know your thoughts about him in the comments.