There are so many secrets in The Last Of Us Part 2. The game is huge, despite being quite linear in many ways. Like all survival horror games, these secrets will help you as you progress further in the story. They’re not essential, but they definitely make life easier for everyone. The only trouble is the danger that you often come up against while finding them or the puzzles you have to solve to get them. In this The Last Of Us Part 2 thrift store safe guide, I’ll cover the safe’s location, and the cod solution so you can open it straight away.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Thrift Store Safe Location

the last of us part 2 thrift store safe location
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Let’s start with where this safe is. First you need to be on Capitol Hill. This is the area after where you use bricks to disarm trip mines as Ellie. You need to follow the street to the left-hand side, then move around the back of the building. The door is there, but you need to watch out for the trip mine that’s been anchored to the door.

Once inside, move to the back room, and the safe is there. It’s in the left-hand side, and there’s a Clicker guarding it. Be ready for that.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Thrift Store Safe Code Location

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Now let’s look at where the code is for this safe. There are a few hints to help you out, but I’ll include the code as it is lower down in the article as well.

The first hint is on the noticeboard. There’s a note pinned to it. Interacting with the note reveals the final 2 digits of the code, but the note states that it’s 6 digits long. It adds that the code is also the number of someone called Staci.

the second hint is in the bathroom. Head in there and look at the wall. There’a a number written on the wall. It’s even got Staci’s name above it. This is the number you need to use to open the safe.

The combination is: 55-01-33

Your reward for opening the safe is a Long Gun Holster. This will allow you to carry one additional Long Gun. This means that you could equip both the Rifle and the Shotgun at once, providing you’ve got them both at this point in the game.

It’s a powerful item that will make every encounter you come up against in the future a little easier. Being able to quickly swap between long range weapons is a fantastic ability, and you unlock it very early here.

As for whether this item is worth the detour and the time it takes to get it, I’d say it definitely is. There are enemies nearby, but they’re not much to contend with compared to what you’ll face later on. ( Having this Long Gun Holster is only going to make your life easier, and it really isn’t that far out of your way.

Let us know in the comments if you picked this item up in your last playthrough.