The Ring of Uneven Scales is a brand new ring to Demon’s Souls with the PlayStation 5 remake of the game. This ring opens up a few more options for players hoping to mess around and create some brand new builds. Outside of series fans though, it’s also an incredibly useful ring for all sorts of reasons. In this guide, we’re going to cover where you can find the ring, and its effects. We’ll also guide you through some situations in which you might find it more useful on your character.

Ring of Uneven Scales Effects

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The effects of this ring are simple. It raises Item Burden, and lowers your Equip Burden.

Item Burden is the weight that a character can carry in Demon’s Souls. By raising this, the ring allows players to have more items carried by their character at any one time. This might allow them to hold more projectiles or other useful items that provide buffs. (

Equip Burden is a similar mechanic in Demon’s Souls. There’s no upper limit on this stat, but it determines how a character moves when they have a certain Equip Burden. With too much equipped on a character, they’ll begin to ‘Fat Roll’, which is when the character loses almost all mobility, making them an easier target. If a character’s Equip Burden is low though, they’ll be far more nimble in battle.

How to Get the Ring of Uneven Scales

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Acquiring this ring is a bit more complicated than defeating an enemy or picking it up from a certain location. You need to trade for it. We’re going to cover exactly what to do now.

First, you’ll need a Gold Coin. These can be found on a number of enemies. The best one to go for is a Fat Official. These guys are dotted around the game, but when you kill one you’ll probably get a Gold Coin. The two places you can look for them are the Boletarian Palace, and Stonefang Tunnel.

Once you’ve got a Gold Coin, it’s time to head to the Shrine of Storms and visit Sparkly the Crow. This is an NPC who will trade items with you. They’re at a specific location called Island’s Edge, and you’ll know you’re there because they’ll start chattering away to you.

To trade, you need to drop the Gold Coin. Now you need to exit the game, and then load it back up again. If you do this quickly then you’ll appear right where you left off. However you quit and re-enter the game, you need to go back to Sparkly.

Now, instead of there being a Gold Coin on the floor, Sparkly will have replaced it with the ring you seek.

That’s all there is to know about where to find the Ring of Uneven Scales. If you can pick it up early, it’s a very useful item. It’ll allow you to carry weapons that most early game players could only dream of. Even in the endgame, it can let you power up builds that would otherwise be far too weak for the bosses you’re fighting.