As we mentioned in our boss guide on His Holiness Escribar, this boss is the final form of the final boss. You actually need to beat His Holiness Escribar in order to face The Last Son of the Miracle. this is the only instance of one boss leading to another in this way in the entirety of Blasphemous, and it makes the fight extremely tough. However, following our tactics will get you through the fight as easily as is possible with this game.

Phase 1

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The Last Son of the Miracle only has one phase. This might sound cheap, but considering you’ve just beaten an entire boss to get to face this one, count yourself lucky it doesn’t have three phases.

The battle will open with The Last Son of the Miracle’s Golden Dagger appearing. This is the key to damaging the boss. Whenever this Golden Dagger appears, you need to aim for the eye and deal some damage. This will open up the mask of the boss and reveal his crimson face. Whenever the crimson face is revealed, you can hit it to deal damage to the boss. However, you’ll need to climb platforms in order to do this. So be ready to do a lot of jumping whenever there’s a space for causing some damage.

There are a lot of attacks to consider with this boss. However, while he has a lot of variety in those attacks, he can only perform one at a time. This means that you have the luxury of being able to track which one he is telegraphing. If you learn the telltale signs of each attack, you’ll be more prepared for avoiding incoming damage.


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The first attack is the Lightning Bolt. Two blue symbols will appear for this attack. You’ll also notice some light blue particles forming, this is where the Lightning Bolts will strike. The best thing to do if these appear on The Penitent One is to dash out of their way. Do it quickly though.

Purple Laser Beams are the next attack you need to avoid. As with the Lightning Bolts, two purple symbols are going to appear, telegraphing this attack. Much like the Lightning Bolts once again, purple particles will begin to form where the Purple Laser Beam will strike. What you won’t know until it hits is if the attack will start small and grow, or start wide and shrink. You must dodge as much as you can to get out of the way of the attack before it pins you and kills you.

Purple Missiles are another attack that uses the two purple symbols indicator. Be prepared for either when those symbols show up. You can’t know where the Purple Missiles will aim, though it’s good to assume that The Penitent One’s position is the target. You just need to watch for the projectiles to begin flying, and dodge out of their way as best you can. One tactic that can work is moving to the centre of the boss arena, since the Purple Missiles fly diagonally. Don’t rely on this to work 100% of the time though.


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The Last Son of the Miracle can also send our Fireballs to burn The Penitent One. These are signalled by two yellow symbols appearing. It’s important to not that the boss will only use this attack when it gets below 50% health. You could think of it as a second phase in that way. The Fireballs will shoot out in several directions, and they’re a nightmare to dodge, Do the best you can by weaving in and out of them, and avoid them as much as possible.

Finally, the boss will also pull out Toxic Orbs as an attack. These work exactly as they did with His Holiness Escribar. They’re telegraphed by green symbols. Just like with the previous boss fight, these can be blocked and deflected by hitting them. If these are being fired at you, stand your ground and hit back.


With this being the final boss of the game, there’s a fair bit of lore on it. the boss itself resembles the metal regalia worn by some of the religious characters in the game. Around its neck you can also see what appears to be Escribar’s body. This boss was transformed after both the events of The Turned and The Burned Tree

Shining more light on Escribar’s lore, it says that the tree he was transformed into burned for 90 days. The lore also covers the giant ash pile that then transformed all those who came to it. This shows that Escribar, and the ash pile, are the source of all the monsters in the world.

The final part of the boss’ lore talks about how people are still hungry for their faith, and pilgrimage to the ash even today. It seems to suggest that Escribar’s throne is what people seek. This is why so many people still aren’t turned, because they don’t share the faith that others who seek the throne out do.

The only ay to reach the throne is to climb the ash pile. As we know from the previous boss, this ash pile consumes all those who touch it. They are then churned out as horrific beasts. Those beasts then go on to find the faithless and punish them.

In a way, The Last Son of the Miracle is the embodiment of this world’s religion. It seeks total control. All those who don’t follow it are destined to die, and the creature even creates agents of chaos to do the killing.

Further Assistance

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That’s the end of our series on Blasphemous bosses. Do let us know if these guides helped you progress in the game through the comments section below.