Fallout 76 is a fantastic MMO that’s absolutely packed with content. While there are perks to consider on top of mutations and armor, there’s anothe aspect to consider. Weapons. There are loads of different weapons to collect, craft, and use in this game. Each one has its own advatnages and disadvantages too. In this guide, we’ll cover the top ten best weapons in Fallout 76 2021. We’ll keep this guide up to date for this year, so if you’re reading it in another one, check out our newer guides.

10. Hand Made Rifle

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Easily one of the most desirable weapons in the game that isn’t legendary. If you add the right perks and modifiers to it, this can face down against even the toughest bosses. All you need to do is get one to drop with the right combination for your needs. That’s easier said than done in most cases, but if you play for long enough you might get the right one. Just try to farm the right activities and kill the enemies that have a high droprate for this weapon.

9. Gatling Gun

gatling gun
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This weapon is an absolute beast. With a turn of that crank, it’ll spit out bullets directly into anything it’s facing. It’s only a mid-range weapon, but anything caught in that range is going down. The most common place you’ll find it is in supply drops, containers, and mid-game enemies. However, if you end up in the Watoga Shopping Plaza, you can actually buy it there.

To guarantee that you get this weapon, complete the Defiance Has Fallen quest for the Brotherhood of Steel. Once again, there are mods and perks that can enhance this thing way beyond its standard capabilities. Anything that lowers this weapon’s weight is a good perk, as well as something to up the damage. Play around with the drops you get and your own perk loadouts to see what happens.

8. Gauss Rifle

gauss rifle
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This is a high-powered energy weapon that will decimate foes in your hands. It throws materials out at enemies at such a high speed that they can’t help but fall when hit. You can buy it, but it also drops from high-level enemies. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for it when you’re in the endgame.

The best way to mod this weapon is to increase its power and add in a bonus for sneak attacks. Using perks that boost the damage, increase accuracy, and generally enhance rifles in your hands are good. The last great thing about this weapon is that the ammo is easy to craft. There’s nothing silly that you need to do, just basic ammo that’s easily avilable.

7. Black Diamond

black diamons
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This is a ski with some shards of metal attached to it. While it might seem a bit weird, it’s also incredibly powerful. It also adds to your base strength stat, which can only be a good thing when you need to smash enemies over the head. There’s a questline in the main game that will see you pick this weapon up. Just make sure that you pay attention and complete every objective you’re given in every quest. To boost this weapon, equip mods and perks that boost damage output, particularly your melee damage.

6. Perfect Storm

perfect storm
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10mm ammo is one of the most abundant in Fallout 76. To use all of those up you’ll find a great assistance in Perfect Storm. It’s a legendary weapon, so it’s not easy to pick up, but once you have it, you’ll be burning through enemies like there’s no tomorrow. Any perks and mods that will boost your damage output are a plus. Focus on ones that increase damage with SMGs. These are the ones that will push Perfect Storm far beyond its base stats.

5. The Dragon

the dragon
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This is a named weapon in Fallout 76 that is basically the best in the game. It’s a modified version of the Black Powder Rifle, which does an additional 200 points of damage on top of your base output. This makes the weapon powerful by default. There’s no denying that. However, perks and mods can push it to the next level. You can make this into your one-stop-shop for killing bosses. That is if you play around with the additional components you can put on it.

4. All Rise

all rist
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This is the legendary sledgehammer of your dreams. All Rise reduced the weight of this weapon and boosts the player’s health. There’s literally nothing to hate. You can get this weapon through a quest in the game, so there’s no need to farm for it or anything. As with all weapons, boost your damage output and you’ll give this beast the power you really want it to have.

3. Hunting Rifle

hunting rifle
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The Hunting Rifle is steady and dependable. You’ll be picking these up all over the game world, so there’s no need to acitvely look for one. Keep an eye on the perks and mods though, they can really make a big difference. You may not see the point in this weapon early on, but it can slay all foes pretty damn fast in the mid-game.

2. Assault Rifle

assault rifle
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There’s nothing special about the Assault Rifle, but it’s useful. You’ll find a tonne of these in the wasteland. They’ll break enemies very easily, as long as you have enough ammo. The thing to remember here is to just have one, and make the most of it while it’s useful. Better weapons will come along though. Still, you’ll always remember your first Assault Rifle.

1. Combat Shotgun

combat shotgun
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The last entry in this list has to be the Combat Shotgun. This weapon is a beast in anyone’s hands. You can fire off multiple rounds in quick succession and absolutely kill anything. Standard shotguns will hurt enemies, but this one has the speed that you need to take them down quickly. There are loads of mods that you can get to make this weapon deal additional types of damage, all you have to do is keep an eye out for them. Still, the Combat Shotgun is very powerful, and will help you all the way to the endgame.