Fallout 76 is a game of many layers. Not only is there a plethora of weapons and armor to collect, but each item can also have perks. In this guide, we’ll cover the best Legendary Weapon Effects in Fallout 76. These can make the difference between a weapon being incredible or useless. They really are the be all and end all of what you should be looking at on each weapon. Hopefully, this guide gives you a good idea of what to keep and what to dismantle. There’s no particular order here, we’ve just thrown them into the list.

1. Quad

Top Ten Best Legendary Weapon Effects in Fallout 76
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This is a weapon ammo multiplier. It increases the amount of ammo the weapon can take by four. This can result in some ridiculous outcomes. With this perk, you can blast through enemies in no time at all. It’ll eat all of your ammo in no time as well, but that’s part of the fun. Even against the toughest bosses, this is barely required. It’s all about fun though, and this is certainly that.

2. Bloodied

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Bloodied is actually one of the best Legendary Weapon Effects in Fallout 76. It’s a perk that players actively chase. What it does is provide more damage output from your weapon the lower your health gets. Each time you get the perk, it’ll be different based on the weapon and your current stats. At it’s best, you can deal 100% more damage when your health is below 20% That’s a big risk, but the reward is so worth it. In the same way that Dark Souls players make runs with low health to melt bosses, you can run some encounters with low health in Fallout 76 and destroy everything.

3. Two Shot

two shot
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This is a brilliant Legendary Weapon Effect. It gives you an additional projectile per shot. So if you’re firing a single shot, two bullets are actually going to hit the target. Players like to use this perk with another one called Explosive. Essentially, it doubles up the other Legendary Effect, so you deal twice the damage. While it’s not quite as popular now, players still desire this one. If you get this in the early-game, you’ll melt the quests in no time.

4. Anti Armor

anti armor
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With this Legendary Weapon Effect, you’ll ignore 50% of an enemy’s armor. It’s super powerful, and can transform any basic weapon into an essential part of your armoury. The only downside is that it doesn’t do anything against other effects. You’re still going to have to deal with all the additional effects an enemy can pull out. Still, it’s worth holding onto if you pick it up off the body of your enemies.

5. Explosive

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This is the Legendary Weapon Effect players like to pair with Two Shot. As you may be able to guess, this one makes your projectiles explode after hitting a target. While it’s been toned down somewhat, it’s still better than the basic shot of any weapon. If you pick it up on an energy weapon, dismantle it. The effect doesn’t work on that weapon class, so it’s useless. Adding this to a sniper rifle could be potent though. It’ll ensure additional damage is dealt as long as you hit your target. Every bit counts at range.

6. Junkie’s

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This is a damage output increasing Weapon Effect that can devastate enemies. It all revolves around you becoming addicted to some of the chems in the game. You can become addicted to many things if you use them too much, so spamming them is a good way to ensure that happens. At best, this Legendary Weapon Effect increases your damage by 50% for being addicted to 5 chems. You’ll be suffering from a lot of drawbacks from those addictions though. You need to weigh this one up as you go.

7. Rapid

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Obviously, this Weapon Effect boosts the rate of fire of any weapon it’s found on. While it won’t increase the weapon’s damage, it will give you more bullets per second. That inadvertently increases your damage, but you’ll be reloading more often as well. It’s a good perk to have on a weapon that has a useless rate of fire. Keep pushing with your weapon that has this and you’ll be able to destroy enemies with very little trouble.

8. Strength

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This is the best Legendary Weapon Effect to have on melee weapons. With melee weapons, your damage is linked to your Strength stat. This effect will boost how those are linked, meaning you deal more damage with the weapon at the same Strength stat. The difference between the same melee weapon with just this effect is incredible. It’ll see you smash apart anything that comes your way. If you don’t use melee weapons very often, it’s because you haven’t come across this effect yet. It’s very much worth having.

9. Lucky

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This effect has two times in which it can help you. As a Minor Enhancement, it’ll fill your V.A.T.S. critical meter 15% faster. That’s extremely powerful if you’re using the system a lot. As a Major Enhancement, it sees you do 50% more critical damage on critical shots. This is also incredibly powerful. It depends on what you’re using in the game. We don’t use V.A.T.S much, so we’d prefer the Major Enhancement. However, if you’re a regular V. (Ambien) A.T.S user, then the Minor Enhancement is probably a lot more useful. Keep an eye out for how this effect is being used on your weapon and take note when you’re changing up your play style.

10. Power Attack Damage and Melee Speed

attack speed
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These are two powerful effects that you can apply to melee weapons. There aren’t enough effects like this, which is why we’ve combined them both here. Melee Speed increases how fast you swing that melee weapon. It boosts it by 40%, so you’ll be swinging and attacking a lot faster. Power Attack Damage boosts the damage you deal by 40%, which is also very useful. You want this if you’re favoring your Power Attack with all melee weapons. It’s a careful balance, and ultimately these are backup weapons. Think about what your stats are geared towards, and try to get the effect that works best with them. If that’s faster attacks, great. If it’s more powerful attacks though, you need to be holding the attack button for much longer.