Fallout 76 has a huge number of items that players can use. This has been part of the mainline Fallout series since Fallout 3. However, Fallout 76 is a little different in that it’s an MMO, everything is online. There’s only so much stuff that you need, and so much stuff you can hold. Some of those items are actual junk, serving little to no purpose. In this guide, we’ll be covering one of those items, Pre War Money. We’ll show you where to find Pre War Money in Fallout 76, and tell you why you might need it. We’ll also show you what you can do with it when you find it in the world or your inventory.

Where to Find Pre War Money in Fallout 76

Where to Find Pre War Money in Fallout 76
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Let’s start with the main reason you’re reading this guide. Pre War Money can be found pretty much anywhere in the game’s colossal map. However, there are certain locations that are more likely to have it than others. We’ve covered the most common places you find this item below.

  • Safes almost always contain Pre War Money. Even if there’s something else more valuable in the safe as well, you’ll probably find some Pre War Money to go with it.
  • If you search every Settler Corpse you come across, you’ll almost always find some Pre War Money on them. These can be ones that are placed in the world randomly or just the bodies of those Settlers that you’ve killed.
  • Pretty much every Cash Register in Appalachia will have some Pre War Money in it. The bombs hit so suddenly that no one had time to prepare, so all the old money was left behind. Since it holds no value in the world anymore, no one picks it up.
  • Cargobots are one of the only machines that you’ll see moving around the world that are likely to have some Pre War Money in them. The one on Collision Course actually has way more than others do, at 100 Pre War Money every time you search through it.
  • If you see a Dropped Connection Event, head to it immediately. These events can award PRe War Money through the dropped supply drops that you’ll be searching for. Expect to get between 40 and 50 Pre War Money with every event.
  • During the mission Back on the Beat, you’ll find a stash at M-3. This is the bank building in Morgantown. If you’ve already completed the mission, you can always head back there to raid the bank anyway. This should award you between 10 and 20 Pre War Money every time.

What do you do with Pre War Money?

What do you do with Pre War Money
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There are two main reasons that players actively search for Pre War Money in Fallout 76. It’s a fairly useless item, which is why there are only two main reasons, but overall there could be three if you enter the right type of game world. We’ve covered each of these below.

Breaking Down Junk

A huge component to the gameplay of Fallout 76 is building a base known as a C.A.M.P. You build this base as a place to return to that doesn’t require you to spend Caps. You can also set up loads of stations that let you do things like craft armor, weapons, food, and even alcohol. Many players head out into the world to collect junk items like Pre War Money just so they can break it all down for components to be used in base building.

This is the top reason that you’ll see players looking for Pre War Money. You can break it down at almost any workbench into cloth. This can then be used to make all sorts of items such as mattresses, clothing, and curtains for your base.

Placed in a Base

The second main reason that someone would be looking for Pre War Money in Fallout 76 is to place around their base. This serves no gameplay value whatsoever, it’s purely aesthetic. Players will place the Pre War Money around to make their base look a certain way. The most common thing you will see is a bathtub full of Pre War Money. This is a desire that loads of players have since there’s no way that they could fill a bathtub with money in real life. However, you may also see players taking great care to perfectly place the items around their base in a way that makes it looked much more lived in.

Use as a Currency

This final reason that players look for Pre War Money is the one that won’t be applicable to every world. Some players like to set up bars in Fallout 76. It’s possible to brew alcohol, so some players set up bars and invite other players to come and spend time in them. In some cases, the player with the bar will want to roleplay as an actual barkeeper. This extends to asking for payment for the alcohol they’re selling. Most will ask for something silly such as Toilet Paper, and occasionally Pre War Money. Since these are junk items, players don’t mind dumping them all in exchange for items that have a genuine impact on their performance.

This is definitely the least likely scenario that you’ll find someone looking for Pre War Money for. In most cases, they’ll be trying to use it for one of the above reasons.

How to Find More Pre War Money in Fallout 76

how to find more pre war money in fallout 76
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The best way to increase the amount of Pre War Money that you pick up in the game is to load into a world, scavenge all of the most likely places that you know of, and then head to a new area where there are more of them. The map is vast, and there are loads of spots with stores and other locations where you can pick up some Pre War Money.

However, if you want to get a lot in a short amount of time, try heading to a location where there’s a lot of Pre War Money in a small space. An area where there are three or four stores together would be good. Now quit out of the game and load it back up. When you head back into the world, you’ll be on a new server. Everything should have refreshed, including the loot in the world. This will allow you to pick up more Pre War Money. Repeat this process until you have too much to carry.

Now that you’ve read up about how to get Pre War Money in the game, check out our guide on Season 4 of Fallout 76.