There are a lot of resources to grind in Fallout 76. With Season 4 now in full swing, there are more reasons than ever to have jumped back into the game to grind these out even more. However, there are some resources that will be more important than others now. That’s all because of the secondary CAMP slot all players now have. In this Fallout 76 Concrete guide, we’ll cover exactly where to find Concrete in the game, as well as why it might be useful for you.

Fallout 76 Concrete Locations Guide

Fallout 76 Concrete Locations
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Concrete is hugely important in building platforms to then build a CAMP on. This is why so many players need it in season 4. Two CAMP slots mean you can build two CAMPS and choose between them over the course of time. Everything requires a base platform, so you’ll need to build a lot of them before you can put anything else in your base together. Make sure you have enough by following this guide and keeping on top of your supply.

Now, we’ll go through all the locations in which you can find Concrete in the game. We’ll also explain how you pick it up if it’s not obvious.

Abandoned Bog Town

This are can be extremely lucrative if you’re lucky. Head to this location and then move to the front of the main business building. Get up to the second floor here. You’ll need to use scaffolding to do this. In this location, you should find between 5 and 15 Bags of Concrete. Swap between servers if you want to repeat the farming process, or just return after an hour or so to see if the location has been reset.

New River Gorge Bridge

This is the east edge of the location. If you’re coming from the east, there will be a crashed toxic barrel truck in the middle of the bridge. There should be some Bags of Concrete scattered around it. If you’re lucky that is. Once again, resetting servers or coming back later can help you pick up multiples in a single game session.

Lewis & Sons Farming Supply

This area always has a couple of Bags of Concrete around it. Explore for long enough and you should find some. If not, head to the other locations before moving servers.

Monorail Elevator

For this area, you want to head to the top of the main tower. This is directly at the nose of the train itself. There should be a few Bags of Concrete lying scattered around in this area. Once again, exploration is key, and if you find nothing then try somewhere else.

Kanawha County Cemetery

Look in the shed beside the church building here. There should be some Bags of Concrete just hanging out back here. This is another location to include in a loop when exploring the world.

What Items in Fallout 76 can you Break Down for Concrete?

There are three items in Fallout 76 which you can break down to get Concrete out of. These are the following.

  • Lead Pipe
  • Garden Gnomes
  • Bags of Concrete