Age of Empire 4 allows you to play as all kinds of different civilizations. All of them have their own strengths in the form of special units and bonuses. In this Age of Empires 4 guide, we are going to go over everything that you need to know about the Holy Roman Empire.

Holy Roman Empire Civilization In Age Of Empires 4

The following are the civilization’s bonuses and special units that the Holy Roman Empire can benefit from. We have also included progression depending on the age so you know exactly what to do at different intervals on the game.

Holy Roman Empire Bonuses

One of the special things about this civilization is that the religious unit, called Prelate, is available from the start. You do not have to wait to progress through the ages in order to be able to train religious units. Early Man-at-Arms are available to train at age 2. With this civ, you can keep Relics inside Outposts, Keeps, and Towers to increase their range, damage, and armor. Combine this with the fact that you get religious units from the start and you are off to a great start as long as you can get your hands on the relics as soon as possible. In addition to that, the Prelate units can inspire workers to work faster.

Furthermore, you can keep relics in the docks to increase the damage of ships. Each relic increases ship damage by 5% and this can stack up to 25%. Cost of emplacements on Outposts, Wall Towers, and Keeps reduced by 25%. Landsknecht, a type of light infantry is unique to the Holy Roman Empire. These units can deal significant area damage.

Progressing Through The Ages

During the first age, there is little to build so you will need to constantly produce villagers in order to gather resources. You should have your scout bring back sheep and other animals for you to gather food from. Once the scout has done that, you should use the unit to look around the map to find relics. As you have access to religious units from the start, you can bring back relics and get bonuses from them. The more relics you have the better. You need to focus on food and gold in order to be able to progress to the next game.

Once you have enough resources, you can build the Meinwerk Palace or Aachen Chapel. Meinwerk Palace is like a Blacksmith but it has cheaper technology upgrades. Aachen Chapel can inspire units close to it when it has a Prelate inside it. We recommend building the Aachen Chapel near your farms.

Age 2

During this age, you need to increase your resource collection and start building a small military. You should also train some villagers so that they can set up a new village. Once you have enough resources to advance to the next age, you need to pick between the Regnitz Cathedral or the Burgrave Palace.

The Regnitz Cathedral can hold relics and earn you +200 gold every minute. This is a massive bonus that is going to help you earn gold. The Burgrave Palace lets you train 5 units at a time. This will help you make an army quickly. You should build the Burgrave Palace so that you can quickly assemble a powerful army.

Age 3

All you have to do during this age is to improve your economy and forces. You can try attacking the enemy and raiding villages. When you have enough resources to advance to the next age you can pick between the Palace of Swabia or the Elzbach Palace.

The Palace of Swabia acts like a Town Center but the cost of villagers is much cheaper. The Elzback Palace works like a Keep and has more health and increases the fortification of nearby buildings. Elzbach palace is what we recommend building.

Age 4

During the end game, you can attack the enemy in order to destroy enemy landmarks since you have a large army and can produce multiple units at the same time. You can easily go for a domination victory.

This is what you need to know about the Holy Roman Empire. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on the English civilization.