Apollo is a cranky eagle Villager, and one of the few eagle Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Unlike Villagers like Tangy, this makes him special in a totally different way to food-themed Villagers. As you can probably tell, he’s a bald eagle, one of the rarest in the world, and looks like he’s all about America. Something that will become even more prevalent later in this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Apollo Villager Guide. Now we’re going to walk you through everything there is to know about this guy, including facts you might not have come across.

Who is Apollo?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Apollo Villager Guide
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As we’ve already mentioned, Apollo is a cranky eagle Villager. He’s appeared in the Animal Crossing anime, and is actually present in a few other games in the series. It’s thought that his name is a reference to the Apollo 11 spacecraft. That was the first manned mission to the moon, and was an incredibly proud day in American history.

The LM-5 module of the Apollo 11 mission used the eagle as it’s callsign. That’s likely why this Villager is an eagle. The personality matches the arrogance of the Greek god Apollo, which is just another way that this Villager lines up with reality.


apollos birthday
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Apollo’s birthday is July 4. This is no coincidence, since this is also Independence Day in America. On this day, you’ll find Apollo hanging out in his home waiting for Villagers to come and celebrate with him. It would be good for you to head over to his house and take the time to see him. You’ll be able to celebrate the day with him and get something brilliant out of it. You can have loads of fun, and you can also get some cake out of it. This will be useful later in the game when you don’t have the right tools.

Apollo’s Personality

apollos appearance
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If you hadn’t already clocked it, Apollo has the cranky personality. This is the most arrogant of all personalities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it suits him down to the ground.

In general, cranky Villagers are usually grouchy or irritated most of the time. They’re actually a lot more difficult to become friends with as a result. Still, if you persevere, you’ll be able to get in with his friendship group after a short while.

As a cranky Villager, Apollo will fly off the handle if you disagree with him. This will also make it much harder to become his friend. You need to decide how you want to react to him, and even if you want him to be a friend. It might be nice to have a single Villager who hates everyone on your island.

All cranky Villagers are heavily invested in their hobbies, and Apollo is no different. Since his is the music hobby, he’ll challenge you to loads of competitions. If he doesn’t win, he’ll probably get really angry with you as well.

Apollo will get on well with cranky, snooty, and jock Villagers. They’re all pretty self-obsessed, so they share a common interest of loving themsleves. Sometimes a cranky Villager like him will like a lazy Villager, but it doesn’t happen often.

When it comes to peppy villagers, Apollo reacts with rage. He can’t take how happy they are, or their energy. He’d rather stay away and never see them.

Apollo’s Appearance

apollos appearance
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It won’t have escaped you by now that Apollo looks a lot like the eagle in the presidential symbol. He’s got a dark body with grey feathers, and also has a white head. This makes sense, because he’s a bald eagle. The one thing that you need to notice is that he’s also wearing a leather jacket. This is a link to the Top Gun movies, and the arrogant type of person that flies jets in the US military.

Outside of this, there’s not much to Apollo’s appearance. Sure, he looks incredibly American, but that’s all the developers went with. There isn’t anything else to say about him.

Apollo’s House

apollos house
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Apollo’s house is incredibly boring. The exterior is bland and white and grey. It looks like any house you might see walking along a street. This could have been something truly special, but unfortunately it’s just a house.

The inside of Apollo’s house is about as bland as the exterior. The Villager likes to surround himself with stuff, so he has a pool table, hi-fi system, leather sofa, grey bed, black lamp, and a glass table that looks awful. This is exactly what you’d expect someone to buy who has more money than taste. the walls are wallpapered in shutters, and the floor looks like rocks. It doesn’t even feel like he’s in a tree or the woods, it’s just a boring condo.

Facts About Apollo

facts about apollo
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The most-interesting thing about Apollo is his appearance in the Animal Crossing movie, Dōbutsu no Mori. In it, he’s a grumpy creature that slowly gets warmer with Ai as he does in the games. However, Ai is knocked into Apollo’s flower patch, and this causes a rift between them for the rest of the film. After finding out that Ai wasn’t to blame, he does eventually forgive them.

In this film, there’s a rumor that Apollo was once in a relationship with Whitney, the arctic wolf. This is crazy on a number of levels, mostly because one is a bird and one is a wolf. However, it might make sense given their personalities, interestes, and inspirations. This is further cemented when a bouquet of flowers appears at Whitney’s door in the movie’s credits.

Something else interesting about Apollo is the fact that he doesn’t ask for an American-themed home request in Happy Home Designer. Instead, another Villager called Peanut asks fort this. You’d have thought that with all the American inspiration going on here that Apollo would definitely need the same thing.

Finally, the love for music, rock in particular, that Apollo has comes from the time period that NASA’s Apollo program was live. It was alive in the 1960s and 1970s, when all good rock music was created.