Chameleos has recently been revealed as one of the monsters that will join the roster in Monster Hunter Rise. The creature will be added in a post-launch patch in April. In this Chameleos Monster Hunter Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about this monster. By reading it, you’ll better understand how you can hunt it down, what you can make with its hide, and so much more that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

What is Chameleos?

Chameleos Monster Hunter Guide
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Let’s kick this Chameleos Monster Hunter guide off with discussing what exactly this creature is. The first thing to know is that it is technically an Elder Dragon, a legendary type of monster, introduced in Monster Hunter 2.

Its body is covered in a purple and white hide. Its biggest asset is the horn on its head, which is a powerful weapon when used against hunters. The eyes of this creature resemble those of a chameleon in real life. Each one can move independently. As a result, it can see around itself in almost 360 degrees. This makes it incredibly difficult to sneak up on.

It can use its long tongue to reach out and grab items from any hunters who stray too close. It’ll do this to persuade you to leave it alone, but that’s not going to help.

The wings of this monster are purple, but they have a white membrane which is used to control the direction of the poisonous fog that they can spray.

The tail resembles a curled up leaf. It can be used as a powerful weapon to hit away hunters with, so it’s worth staying out of its way.

Behavior in and out of Battle

behaviour in battle chameleos
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The Chameleos is a generally jittery creature in battle. This means that it will move around quite quickly. Any movements you see will be sudden and unexpected. The monster is used to moving quickly without being seen. So when you see it, it looks almost unnatural.

The jittery nature and movement makes it easier for the monster to steal items from hunters, and even poison them. If you’re not paying attention, this monster will have you on the ground and dying before you even realise it.

The key aspect of its behavior is that it evades combat when possible. It prefers to be alone and hates getting into fights. However, when you’re hunting it, you’re forcing it into battle. It’s likely that in Monster Hunter Rise the creature will run away. (zolpidem) You need to keep on its tail if you want to be able to take it down.


habitat chameleos
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The Chameleos species prefers to live in tropical locations. Jungles and forests are its preferred locales, though it will roam between them when it has to. There have been rare sightings of it in swamps, though this might be due to prey in the area or something similar.

Chameleos Abilities

chameleos abilities
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This monster is very different to most of the others that you’ll have faced in Monster Hunter Rise. That’s why it’s coming to the game as part of the April update instead of being part of the main game’s roster.

As you might expect, since the monster is inspired by chameleons, this monster can hide itself in plain sight. It can change the pigment of its skin using electricity and make itself completely invisible to the naked eye. Hunters can disable this ability permanently if they take out the monster’s horn. It seems as though there is some correlation here with the electrical currents, but nothing is known for sure.

The main thing you’ll see when you first encounter a Chameleos is a mist. Its breath can be used to make a thick fog that obscures it from view. This is exactly the kind of defense mechanism you’d expect to see in a monster that prefers to hide.

The thing to watch out for here are thick poisonous clouds. These will poison the hunter, and make it very difficult to continue battling on. If nothing else, you should be trying to avoid all the clouds it produces at all costs. There’s no sense in getting poisoned and having to head off to recoup before running back into battle.

The monster’s stretchy tongue is perhaps its best weapon. It knows exactly how to use it to capture anything within reach, and it’ll do so for any items it can grab from hunters that are attacking it. If you have some sort of anti-theft skill or device, then this can be prevented. Make sure those are equipped before you take on this hunt though.


On the offensive front, Chalemelos will sometimes spit out acidic blobs at hunters. These reduce your defense, making you a much weaker target for its large sweeping attacks. The blobs will also spread a gas that will lower your stamina and cause fatigue. These are particularly dangerous in a fight. If your stamina is too low, you can’t attack as efficiently. In these cases, it’s better to head off, eat some meat, and come back refreshed.

Finally, the monster can also cause a high-pressure wind with its tail. If you see it turn around to start doing this, you need to get out of the way. It’ll send you flying and probably cause some damage as well. This distance also allows the monster to begin retreating.


rewards chameleos
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At the time of writing, this monster isn’t in Monster Hunter Rise. However, it’s likely that you’ll be able to craft all manner of armor and weapons from its hide. Since the requirements for making all of these are lower, you can probably make more than you think after a single hunt.

The best thing to do is check in with the blacksmith before you make anything. Check out the potential weapons and armor you can craft. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know that the option you pick is the one that you really want.

We’ll update this guide with more information as soon as we know what the monster can do and reward you with in Monster Hunter Rise.