In this guide, we’re looking at yet another Villager who looks like food. Their name is also pretty on the nose when it comes to what they’re named after as well. Tangy is a peppy cat Villager, and she looks a lot like an orange. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tangy Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this Villager, and why you might want her on your island.

Who is Tangy?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Tangy Villager Guide
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Tangy is a peppy cat Villager who looks like an orange. Unlike other Villagers who have seen a revamp for New Horizons, Tangy is one of the oldest Villagers in the series. She’s been in every game apart from Pocket Camp, and there’s no explanation as to why.

Anyone looking to get all the food Villagers together will definitely need her on their island. Oddly, her Japanese name can be translated to ‘100 percent,’ which is apparently a reference to the percentage of orange juice concentrate. That’s a very thin link, but maybe the work on those links was the last thing on the developer’s minds when they were making Tangy for the original game.


tangys birthday
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Tangy’s birthday is June 17. On this date, you need to go and visit her at her house. She’ll be hanging out there all day waiting for Villagers to pop by and wish her Happy Birthday. If you go, you can be a part of the party, and you can also get a cake out of the celebrations. This will also boost your relationship with her, which is never going to be a bad thing. You want to upgrade this as fast as possible.

Tangy’s Personality

tangys personality
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As we’ve pointed out a couple of times, Tangy is a peppy Villager. This means that she’ll almost always be in a good mood. However, this also means that she’s going to overreact to most conversations and emotions. Expect some high-energy responses from whatever you ask or tell her.

What is quite nice is how excited Tangy will be to see other Villagers. This is another part of being peppy, but one of the more positive aspects that most people enjoy.

Another great aspect of Tangy is that she’ll rarely be discouraged from activities. It means that she’s always up for anything, and won’t turn down a chance to give something new a go.

As with all peppy Villagers, Tangy dreams of becoming famous. This is something she’ll always talk to you about. While she wants to be a star, she also wants to be on the cover of a magazine, something you’ll never stop hearing about.

You might annoy Tangy, but don’t expect her to remember it. Peppy Villagers have a very short attention span. As such, she’s going to forget anything bad that happens between the two of you pretty quickly. Even arguments with other Villagers will be long forgotten within an hour or so.

The other thing to watch out for with Tangy is her getting upset. If the wrong thing is said, she’s likely to lose it a bit. Don’t worry, she’ll get over it. At the time though, she’ll be totally distraught.

Peppy Villagers get on with other peppy Villagers, as well as those with the normal, lazy, sisterly, and jock personalities. They don’t get on well with cranky or snooty Villagers and may upset them. Tangy will call these Villagers boring and old, so it’s best to keep them apart. If you know you have these personality types on your island, you need to keep an eye on what goes on between them.

Tangy’s Appearance

tangys appearance
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It’s very hard to miss Tangy, but that’s because she’s so unique. She looks like an orange, sure, but what makes that image up? Well, her fur is bright orange, and she has white freckles on her face that make it look like orange peel. Her hair is shaped and colored like a green leaf, making her look like an orange that has just fallen out of a tree.

Her ears are pink, but the dresses she wears are all the same bright green of her hair. This helps make her look like a healthy glass of orange juice. In previous games, she wore a blue and white striped dress, so it’s nice to see that the green dress aesthetic has been added for New Horizons.

Tangy’s House

tabgys house
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Tangy’s House is pretty normal, but it does look a little bit like her. The exterior walls are brown, and the roof is green. In New Leaf, it was all brown. The shade of brown in New Horizons is quite bright, so it looks a little orange under the right conditions.

Inside, Tangy has gone all out. Her walls are wallpapered in oranges, which seems to be a bit weird. She looks like an orange, and now she’s surrounding herself with them. The flooring is green, and an almost leaf-like pattern. However, it blends well with her retro dresses and style, so we think it actually works really well.

As you might have been able to guess, every piece of furniture is a fruit. These can be crafted by you if you collect enough fruit, but Tangy has them by default. There’s a pear wardrobe, a cherry sound system, a tree in one corner, and she even sleeps on a pear. All-in-all, it’s quite strange, but at least it’s consistent with who she is. One final nice touch is her hanging basket. It looks lovely.

Facts About Tangy

The community seems to adore Tangy for a couple of reasons. First, all Villagers who look like food are a favorite. Players seem to want to collect them all in varying numbers and have them solely occupy their islands.

The other reason players love Tangy is for her reactions. Since she’s a peppy Villager, she overreacts to almost everything. Players have even made videos on all 55 of her reactions. Something about the combination of the way she looks and reacts makes players love her even more. You don’t see players tracking all of this for any of the other Villagers in the game.