Of all the Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, only a few are themed around foods. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cherry Villager Guide, we’re going to be covering one of the Villagers that is. Cherry might have an obvious name and look, but we’ll be covering everything you need to know about them, including facts you don’t.

Who is Cherry?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Cherry Villager Guide
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Cherry is a sisterly dog Villager who has a look that very much resembles a cherry. Her name, it’s thought, originates from the color of her fur, which is the perfect shade of cherry red. She’s been around for a little while in the series, having debuted in New Leaf.

The thing that really stands out with Cherry though, is the fact that she’s an undeniable goth. She loves to wear scary clothes and looks like she’s done her makeup ready for Halloween. This is what most players identify about her straight away. Which is odd when you think about the food link here.


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Cherry’s birthday is on May 11. On that day, she’ll be hanging out in her house. Any Villagers who want to party with her can do so by visiting her on the day. You should definitely do this, because you’ll be able to pick up some cake as a result. There will also be a game, and you’ll grow your relationship with Cherry as well. This is by far the best reward for seeing her on her birthday.

Cherry’s Personality

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Cherry has the sisterly personality, which isn’t one of the most common personality types you’ll come across in the game. Once you’ve met her and have befriended her, she’ll swap from giving you advice about how to fight, to telling you how to relax. It’s enough to give you whiplash sometimes, but she definitely means well.

A great side-effect of Cherry being a sisterly Villager is that she’ll give you medicine when you’re stung. This is the polar opposite of every other personality type, who will just tell you that you need medicine and ignore you. (Acetaminophen)

Since she’s a sisterly Villager, Cherry is tough. However, she still cars about her appearance. As you might have guessed from her appearance, she likes to stay up at night, quite late too.

Sisterly Villagers have a protective nature, and they’ll enjoy hanging out with players. This means that it’s very easy to grab a photo with her.

That toughness will shine through at times. Cherry will even confront other Villagers who talk about the Villagers she likes badly. This is part of her protective nature that is really awesome to see in a game like this.

Sisterly Villagers tend to get on wit jock Villagers because of their shared love of sports, and lazy Villagers because they enjoy relaxing. Peppy Villagers also seem to gel well with this personality type. When it comes to snooty and cranky Villagers though, you’ll see some fireworks fly.

Finally, Cherry is also going to struggle to get on with normal personality types. This could be down to how strange these types of Villagers are.

Cherry’s Appearance

cherrys appearance
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t a game about looks, but Cherry definitely has a unique one. She’s a red dog with one black eye. The black is also present in her hands and ears, and she has a piercing in one ear as well. This all comes together to make her look a little darker than other Villagers. When she wears a top with a spider’s web on and dark trousers, the look is even more terrifying.

Cherry’s off-centre smile makes her look cheeky. She could be planning anything and you wouldn’t know it. Her sassy attitude is reflected in her eyelashes, which it looks like she has enhanced with mascara.

Obviously, Cherry’s fur is the same color of the fruit that she shares her name with. That’s where the similarities end though. Cherry has an attitude, and she’s defined far more by her personality than her looks. In a way, it makes sense that her name references the way she looks. This makes it more obvious that appearances don’t matter to her, only friends do.

Cherry’s House

cherrys house
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You can see Cherry’s house from anywhere on your island. It’ll be the scariest one. The roof is dark red, the walls are grey, and the doors and windows are all black. It’s not a very inviting place, but it also fits well with Cherry’s striking sense of style.

Inside, cherry has a cityscape wallpaper all around her home. It’s dark, but it also makes it feel like you’re in a penthouse apartment in New York. She sleeps on a giant rose bed, she has a hot tub, and her sink and kitchen are outdoor furniture. There are, of course, some incense sticks keeping the place smelling fresh.

All-in-all, Cherry’s house looks nothing like you’d expect it to. What it shows is that she likes what she likes, and she’ll do what she wants. She doesn’t care about what people think of her, hence her very personal house. This may be one of the best houses in the game, purely because it actually suits the Viallger it relates to.

Facts About Cherry

Since cherry is so open about who she is, there’s not much to learn about her in terms of facts. You’ll get all the information you need once she’s on your island and you can spend time with her. Interestingly, though she’s never made it to the top of the official list, Cherry is definitely one of the most popular Villagers in the game.

There are lists all over the internet, and many YouTube videos as well, which detail why she’s so good, and why you need her on your island. All of them adore her looks, and love her sense of responsibility. In a game where most of the Villagers act like spoilt children, it’s nice to see a responsible adult somewhere in the mix.

Some Villagers even love celebrating her birthday so much that they’ve recorded it for everyone to see. Check it out below if you’re interested.