The Dirty Colossus is one of the final bosses in Demon’s Souls. Much like the Leechmonger, it’s a disgusting amalgamation of filth. This is an enemy that you’re going to have to get close to, even though you don’t really want to be doing that. In this guide, we’ll give you all the tips you need to destroy this boss and get to the final one.

Attacks and Strategies

dirty colossus
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First, we’ll go through all of the attacks that this boss can throw at you.

Hand Slam

This attack will see the boss lean back and then slam its fist into the ground. It’s quite a devastating attack, so you’re going to want to avoid it if at all possible.

The best strategy is to just roll or dodge away from the boss. If that isn’t possible though, then try to stick to its left side. It’s harder for the boss to get you here, so you’ll stand a better chance of it missing you entirely.

Cloud of Flies

This is the kind of attack that you’d expect from a filthy monster like this. The boss will curl up, and then, a few seconds later, explode. This will surround it with flies, and those flies are dangerous.

to avoid this attack, roll away as soon as you see it curl up to charge the attack. You should be able to get away before it lands anything on you. Don’t take the chance of being damaged by going in to get some attacks in.

Horizontal Attack

The boss will lean back, and then perform a sweep from right to left in front of it. This attack will knock you sideways, and it’s pretty damn heavy too.

To avoid the attack, dodge to the right of the boss. This should see you avoid any incoming damage. Just make sure you land that dodge at just the right moment. You don’t want to get caught out. (

Three-Hit Combo

The boss uses its right hand to swing to the right, then left, then right again. This attack combo is designed to make you think that it’s actually the Horizontal Attack. However, that’s definitely not the case. You need to be aware that the boss might use this one on you, don’t always expect the above.

Your strategy for this attack needs to be dodging through those attacks. However, you can also block the hits. If you manage to do this, it’ll open the boss up for some attacks. Don’t be greedy though. The boss can recover pretty quickly.

Flies Spray

This is the laziest attack the boss has. It’ll almost certainly use it when there’s distance between you both. It just spits flies in your direction. They’re more like disgusting projectiles than anything else.

Avoiding these is easy. All you need to do is dodge, and that’s it. Be sure to close the gap once you can though. There’s no better way to kill this boss than up close.

Melee Tips

melee tips
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Going in and getting hits in up close and personal with this boss is the best way to kill it. If you have a Dragon weapon, Turpentine, or black Turpentine, then use them all. The boss is also extremely weak to fire, so make use of this in any capacity that you can.

The only real tips we have here are to be smart. Avoid the attacks that can damage you if you don’t block. That means backing off when you see him charging up. When you can though, run in and slash away. If you keep him rotating, it’ll be very difficult for him to hit you.

Ranged Tips

ranged tips
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If you have a ranged build, this boss won’t be any more challenging. It will take longer to kill though.

First, there’s a wall near the gate you enter the arena through. you can use this to hide from the attacks the boss will spray at you. This is hugely important because it means you can continue to attack without being hit for longer.

The boss has a gap between projectile attacks that should give you enough time to get in two or three arrows before it fires again. Once the attack is over, move out of cover to attack two or three times, then duck back into cover to hide.

Finally, note that the wooden poles in this area can act as cover. Sure, they’re on fire and look terrifying, but they’ll protect you from incoming projectiles. Use that to your advantage when you have no other cover left to hide behind.

Magic Tips

magic tips
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For those with a magic build, firestorm is the best attack to kill this boss quickly. Take whatever you need to keep up the magic attacks, and then run in and destroy the boss as fast as possible.

You can also use Fire Spray directly on the enemy. It might take a bit longer, but you’ll still be able to down it just the same. This magic is really only for those who don’t have Firestorm though.

Finally, you can also use Soul Ray to kill this boss pretty fast. While the speed of the fight is slower, you’ll get through it unscathed. This is because Soul Ray has a longer range than the projectile attack of the boss. You can hit it, run to a new piece of cover out of reach, and hit it again. Following this strategy is a bit of a cheese, but it works wonders.


The Dirty Colossus is a creature that has literally arisen from the compounded filth it lives in. It looks like a golem, but because it’s made out of trash, it’s carapace is spiky and disgusting. There’s a fat maggot-like growth sticking out of its shoulder, indicating that it may have created itself from a smaller form many years ago.

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