Chrissy is a peppy rabbit Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with an incredibly unique look to match her massively positive personality. She’s spotty and lovely, and that’s sometimes exactly what we need in this game. Villagers can often be extensions of how we feel. We wonder if anyone ever feels like Chrissy, but we can believe they do at times certainly. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Chrissy Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about the Villager. We’ll even tell you some stuff that you might not necessarily know about.

Who is Chrissy?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Chrissy Villager Guide
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As we’ve mentioned, Chrissy is a peppy rabbit Villager who has been in a fair few Animal Crossing games. She first appeared in Animal Forest e+, but was then removed from Animal Crossing: Wild World. However, she was later added back in with Animal Crossing: City Folk. A triumphant return to the stage for this hoppy little Villager. Her name is thought to be a reference to Christina Aguilera because Chrissy aspires to be a pop star. She has this fantastic unique appearance that she actually shares with her sister, Francine. Even though the pair have minor differences, they’re both on the cover of Bubblegum K.K.. Finally, she has an identical picture quote to Becky, which is a bit spooky.


chrissys birthday
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Chrissy’s birthday is on August 28. On this date, she’ll be hanging out at her house celebrating. If you pop by, you’ll notice that she’s got some other Villagers in there with her. This is what Villagers do on their birthdays, and you’re even able to join in with the celebrations too if you want. You can play games, have fun partying with everyone around you, and even get some cake. The cake is vitally important for building up your island later in the game. Don’t squander it. You can use it to make building and fixing up the terrain much easier, taking far less time. We think you’ll agree that it’s a gift you shouldn’t waste.

The last thing that you can do on Chrissy’s birthday is give her a present. This has two benefits. First, you’ll be advancing your relationship with her. This is really important if you want her to stay on your island and really make the most of her. The more you invest in Villagers, the longer they’ll stay with you and the happier they’ll be. It really does pay to be kind to everyone you meet. The second benefit of this is that Chrissy will then probably give you a present over the following days. Not all Villagers do this, but the majority will. They all just want to be as kind to you as possible, which is why they like to return your kindness by giving you gifts.

Chrissy’s Personality

chrissys personality
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One of the most important parts of this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Chrissy Villager Guide is Chrissy’s personality. She’s a peppy villager, and the peppy personality is a good one to have around you. These Villagers are pretty happy most of the time, and they’re really quite easy to get on with. In fact, she’ll want to get on with you more than anything else. As a peppy Villager though, Chrissy is going to have a tendency to overreact to pretty much everything you say. This includes being happy, sad, angry, and every other emotion under the sun.

However, peppy villagers are also rarely discouraged, and this is a wonderful trait to have. It means that even if you see other Villagers telling Chrissy that what she’s doing is silly, she’ll see it through to the end anyway. She’ll always persevere, particularly if it’s something to do with her hobby. She’s going to have a dream of one day appearing on the Ms. Nintendique some other Villagers read, but sadly you’ll never get to read this publication.

Another great aspect of peppy Villagers is their lack of attention span. These Villagers have a very hard time remembering everything in the recent past. It means that if they ask you to do something and you do it, they probably won’t remember. If you annoy them or don’t complete their tasks, then they’ll get mad temporarily, but they’ll forget about it soon enough. It’s wonderful because it means you can come back and complete a quest another time.

As a peppy Villager, Chrissy will get on with peppy, jock, sisterly, lazy, and normal Villagers. She’s going to annoy snooty and cranky Villagers, but that’s no great loss. Those Villagers are pretty horrible anyway, so you should ignore what they think.

Chrissy’s Appearance

chrissys appearance
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There’s so much that you could say about Chrissy’s appearance. She’s a rabbit, but she’s dressed up for a show we’re sure. She’s got a pink polka-dot hood on, with dots all over her dress as well. She has extremely bright makeup and pink leggings. More than anything though, she just looks happy. She has a green nose and streak of blonde hair and is generally quite joyful. Having her on your island will probably brighten up your day. We see no reason for you to keep her at bay unless you want the worst possible Villagers on your island, in which case you should definitely avoid her.

Chrissy’s House

chrissys house
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The exterior of Chrissy’s house is very understated, with blue walls with a red tiled roof. It’s an extremely normal house, one that you’d probably choose to have on your island if you could choose houses. It would fit in with many of the standard house models in the game. You’d never know that Chrissy, the dotty rabbit, is the one who lives in it. Not until you go inside at least.

The interior of Chrissy’s house is red and has spotty wallpaper and hearts on the flooring. Every piece of furniture possible has love hearts on it or dots. Everything is also very pink, and makes you immediately think of Chrissy the Villager. It’s a bit like stepping into a seedy bedroom, but when you realize that it’s Chrissy’s, then you quickly understand that she’s not going for that vibe at all. This is just who she is.

Facts About Chrissy

Chrissy and Francine are the only Villagers with confirmed relations inside of Animal Crossing as a franchise. Out of 400 Villagers, that’s bonkers. Her eyes also turn pink when she’s surprised, which is all the time, and she even has a picture of her sister above her bed in New Horizons. Outside of this, she’s also the only rabbit Villager to be a Virgo, which seems spookier than it should be.