Lily might be one of the most on the nose Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons who isn’t themed around food or an object. Instead, she’s themed around a frog. There aren’t too many Villagers like this in the franchise, so it’s nice to see at least one here and there. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lily Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Lily. we’re also going to throw in some facts that you probably don’t know. Let’s get into it.

Who is Lily?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Lily Villager Guide
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Lily is a frog Villager. that’s why it makes sense for her to be themed around a frog, but this is taking literal to an entirely new level. She’s been in the series before, and she’s always been the same. It’s thought that her name is a reference to lily pads. While it’s hard to see why her name would be a reference to anything else, it’s definitely still up for debate.

Her initial phrase, “don’t jump to conclusions,” is a direct reference to frogs and toads. Once again, it’s hard to see why it would be a reference to anything else. Lily is also one of the few Villagers who has been in every Animal Crossing game to date. That’s a lot of games to have gone through and never really change.

Interestingly, Lily is also a playable character in Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, an exclusive mini-game on the Wii U as part of the Nintendo Land minigame package.



Lily’s birthday is on February 4. On this day, she’ll be hanging out in her house. This is where she will wait for other Villagers to come and celebrate with her. You should definitely pop along to see her and celebrate too. There will be presents, a game, and even some cake. This is an item that will assist you in building on your island later on. Don’t miss an opportunity to get it. You can also give Lily a gift to help further your relationship with her. It’s a great way to push your relationship forward without too much effort.

Lily’s Personality

lilys personality
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Lily has the normal personality type. This is probably the best personality type in the game. Those with this personality are pleasant to everyone, particularly the player character. They just want to get on with everyone, and won’t cause conflict. In fact, they’ll avoid it as much as they can. This will definitely help your mental health as you play.

The other personality types that Lily will get on with are other normal Villagers, lazy, peppy, smug, and snooty ones. The only personality types that she doesn’t get on with will be sisterly and cranky Villagers. If you want to have normal Villagers on your island, avoid those other personality types like the plague. They’ll only cause you issues further down the line.

As with all normal Villagers, Lily will get up and be out and about from 6 AM. This means that she’s almost always around and doing something if you need her to. We quite like this because the times in which we play are often early in the morning. It’s always nice to have some company around then.

The only potential downside of having Lily on your island is the fact that she’ll occasionally mention Moppina. This is a Villager who is actually a mop. All normal personality type Villagers talk about this Moppina. It can get a little bit annoying, but it’s just something that you’ve got to work through. Do bear in mind that it’s actually just an invisible friend that is a mop in reality though.

Lily’s Appearance

lilys appearance
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One of the most striking things about Lily’s appearance is how plain she looks. Since she’s one of the very first Villagers in this franchise, she hasn’t been designed to look zany or strange in any way. Her look is very down to Earth. Apart from the fact that she looks like a frog.

Her skin has a pastel color scheme to it. This is nice, and can blend in with anyone’s overall island theme. The distinction between the upper and lower halves of her face is nice. It provides a contrast that ensures you always know where her mouth is.

She wears a lovely shirt with flowers on, but her eyes are the one thing you’ll notice the most. They look like an anime character’s when they’re incredibly happy. This might be a bit off-putting at first, but take the time to get to know her and you’ll realize she’s actually quite sensible.

Lily’s House

lilys house
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The exterior of Lily’s house is very standard. The color scheme of her skin is reflected with blues and creams here. There’s nothing special to say about it, but it is quite nice. If you want a nice normal-looking house to add to your island, this is the one to look for.”>

Inside, Lily’s house differs quite a lot. She has a spotty blue floor and a woodland swamp wallpaper. This gives her home the feel of being a swamp on a cool summer evening. There are even hydrangeas in the wallpaper, just to complete the feel. The furniture is all pretty standard, but there’s a very victorian and muted feel to the design and colors. Clearly, Lily enjoys the finer things in life, but she doesn’t want to show off.

Facts About Lily

There are only two facts that you could possibly know about Lily. The first is one we’ve already mentioned, the fact that she appeared as a playabale character in a Nintendo Wii U mini-game. The second is that she’s on the cover of two albums, King K.K. and Animal City.

Outside of this, Lily is a very normal Villager. This is likely to be because she’s been in the series from the very beginning. Back on the GameCube, very few Villagers had much depth to them. There was no need for the same level of depth seen in New Horizons though, because there wasn’t anything to compete with. The developers also didn’t know if the game would take off. Thankfully, it did.