When it comes to Villagers who wear their name on their skin, Tia may well be one of the best in Animal Crossing history. She looks a lot like a teapot, which is vaguely related to her name just at a glance. She also gives out some brilliant Beauty and the Beast vibes, which isn’t something that you’ll see in many other Villagers at all. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tia Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about Tia. We’ll also cover the facts that you probably didn’t know, and may surprise you.

Who is Tia?

who is tia
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Tia is a normal elephant Villager with a very different look to her. While another elephant Villager in the series, Tucker, looks to be based on a mammoth, Tia is based on a teapot. You can see this in her face. She’s got white skin that is framed by ornate designs around the extremities. Exactly as you’d see on a teapot. Her name, Tia, is a good clue that she’s based on a teapot on purpose, but so too is her initial catchphrase, “Tea is a cup of life.” This is actually a play on what is thought to be a famous English phrase, just with the words “tea” and “life” switched.

As a Villager that looks like an object rather than a food, Tia is pretty unique. She’s close to those Villagers that look like other things instead of food, such as Pietro who looks like a clown. This puts her in a very select group of Villagers that players could collect. It’s a very niche collection to try to build up though.


tias birthday
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Tia’s birthday is on November 18. On this day, she’ll spend the entire day inside of her house. You can pop by to see her and celebrate with her. If you value your relationship with her and want to build it up, then you should definitely do this. Don’t forget to bring a gift, since this will go a long way to building up your relationship with her. You can also partake in games, and even get a cake or two out of it. These are super useful for undertaking tasks later in the game when you’re building stuff.

Tia’s Personality

tias personality
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As we’ve mentioned, Tia has the normal personality. This is another great reason to get her to live on your island. Those Villagers who have this personality are always pleasant to you and other Villagers. You’ll barely ever find them being sad or even getting angry with others. They’ve always got something positive to say to you as well.

The personality types that Tia is likely to get on with because she’s a normal Villager are other normal Villagers, as well as peppy, lazy, smug, and snooty Villagers. The only Villagers that Tia might conflict with are those with the sisterly or cranky personality types. These Villagers are protective, or just downright miserable in many cases. If you want Tia on your island, consider getting rid of any Villagers with these conflicting personality types first.

One of the most unique things about Villagers with this personality type is that they get up everyday at 6 AM. If you’re ever playing the game at that time, you could see Tia walking around and getting on with things. This is in no way a bad aspect of her personality. In fact, it means that you’ll always have company when you’re up early in the morning.

One downside of this personality type is the fact that the Villagers will constantly talk to an unseen Villager called Moppina. We know that this is actually a mop, so it makes us feel sorry for the Villagers. It’s better not to point this fact out though, since it might upset the Villagers in question.

Tia’s Appearance

tias appearance
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Tia’s appearance is easily the most striking thing about her. As we’ve mentioned, she’s an elephant that looks like a teapot. Her white skin is the porcelain that the teapot would be, and her unique markings around the edges of her face and skin complete the look. She even has flowers on her cheeks, completing the vintage teapot fashion look. The teapot look even extends to her hands, feet, and tail, all of which are blue and shiny.

Unlike most elephant Villagers, Tia isn’t hairy. This is a unique aspect of her that makes her look even more like a teapot. It’s quite astounding when you see her next to another elephant. The best part of her entire design is her head though. She has a ball of yellow hair surrounded by a headband that makes the top of her head look like a teapot lid.

You can’t talk about Tia’s appearance without mentioning her dress. It looks like one that a maid would wear in an old English country house. This completes her look of being a servant serving tea, but we don’t think the teapot would actually serve itself. Not unless this is Beauty and the Beast. (https://brownshvac.net/)

Tia’s House

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Tia Villager Guide
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The exterior of Tia’s house is lovely and inviting. The roof is white, and the walls and door are blue. It looks like it would fit in on any quaint street made up of houses of all shapes and colors. Inside, the house echoes Tia’s love for the vintage look. There’s nothing particularly outlandish going on. She just has standard furniture but combined with the floor and windowed wallpaper, it looks like a tearoom in the UK. This is only accentuated by the patio furniture that guests are asked to use.

Facts About Tia

The only fact that we have about Tia is that she’s one of a pair of Villagers who look like they’re based around tea and hot beverages. That other Villager is Chai, who is also an elephant. Chai is based on a cup of chai latte, though they look a bit more like a teapot. Between them, these two make for a great combination on your island. You really need to love tea though.