Lagombi is a big icy beast that you’ll be facing off against pretty early on in Monster Hunter Rise. The monster has appeared in other games, and we can use our knowledge from across the series to understand how to defeat it. In this guide, we’ll cover how to hunt and kill the beast, as well as some interesting facts that you may not have known before.

What is Lagombi?

Lagombi Monster Hunter Rise
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This monster is a big beast that generally likes to live in icy regions. Its pelt has many layers of thick fat beneath it to prevent it from freezing to death in the wild. This monster has incredible hearing, and it can glide on ice without making much noise. That makes it easier for it to sneak up on potential prey.

In appearance, this monster resembles a wombat. Those massive ears are what it uses to hear prey across great distances. It also has a small beak for a mouth, and tiny red eyes. This indicates that it relies much more on its hearing than anything else, which makes sense if it constantly lives through blizzards.

The ability to glide on ice comes from the frictionless material that the beast’s belly is covered by. It’s very different to the fur that you can see all over it everywhere else. Hunters are going to struggle just to be in the same area os this monster, let alone fight it at the same time.

The advantage hunters have in battle is that hearing strength. This monster is weak to audio attacks, and there are weapons like the hunting horn that can take advantage of that.

Behavior in and Out of Battle

lagombi behavior
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Lagombi is all about using ice and hearing to its advantage. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s therefore vulnerable to any sort of audio attack. There are bombs that can be made to take advantage of this, so leaning into them is a good move for any hunters who are struggling.

The monster will also make the most of its environment. This means gliding across the ice to escape, pursue, and even picking up huge chunks of ice to attack hunters with. This can be devastating, and really hurt a group of hunters. The worst thing will be when the monster attacks and then glides away to a new area.

The attacks you’ll face can very with this monster. It has a lot of jumping and rolling attacks. These are hard to avoid, but you should be able to dodge if you time things right. The jump and forward roll is perhaps the most devastating move. This will cause hunters to scatter, and really screw up any sense of teamwork that they have developed so far.

Lagombi can perform a backwards stomp that will harm any hunters attacking from behind. It also has a butt stomp attack that will be used against any hunters that are too close. This is something that you’ll struggle to avoid. Just keep an eye out for the monster jumping into the air.

Another attack this monster can perform is a flail. It’ll stand on its hind legs and run at hunters while flailing its arms. This can cause multiple hits. Getting this attack is extremely unlucky, so dodge out of the way and run when you can.

There are two snowball attacks that Lagombi will do. One sees it throw a chunk of ice at you, while the other is an upward throw. This snowball is likely to land on you, so you’ll need to watch out for it. This too can destroy a hunter if they’re not careful.


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You’ll mostly find this monster in the icy Tundra and Frozen Seaway environments. These are harsh areas that require warm clothes. Unfortunately, this makes it all too easy for the beast to hide in plain sight. It has the perfect camouflage, and as a result, will always have the upper hand. Combined with its hearing, it’ll be able to see and hear you without you knowing where it is at all.


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This monster is weak against fire and electricity elements. Any water or ice-based attacks will do no damage to it. You need to equip items with those first two elements if you want to be dealing additional damage in your battles with Lagombi.

In terms of places to hit it, the monster is weakest to anything smacking it in the head. Chest and rear hits will also do quite a lot of damage. If you can break any of these points, you’ll put the monster in a position where it’s been weakened in most of its main defensive areas. The rear is best hit with blunt or sever damage, since this will break it the fastest. Ideally, you’ll break all three before moving on to use any other types of tactic against it.

Hunting Tips

hunting tips
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This monster is extremely agile despite its size. It will get around you and take you down before you’ve even realized where it is. thankfully, there are no additional smaller monsters to cope with as well. All you need to do is focus your efforts on killing it, and that will get you quite far in the fight.

Wirebug jumps are essential for avoiding the incoming attacks this monster is going to throw at you. When it gets down on all fours, it’s about to slide and sweep attack you. Make sure you have some Wirebugs left to use to jump and dodge out of the way of this. It can end a fight in its favor if you’re not careful.

One good idea might be to lure the Lagombi into a battle with another monster. It’ll fight anything else on the map, so take your pick. This will not only distract it, but it’ll weaken it as well. The monster is then open to any attacks you can land on it.


by killing a Lagombi, you can get Beast Tears, Jumbo Bones, Lagombi Ear, Lagombi Iceclaw, Lagombi Pelt, and the Lagombi Plastron. These are fantastic crafting items for various items. You’ll mainly want to create weapons and armor from them. The best one depends on you though. Every weapon has its advantages, so specialize in one and you’ll soon find the niche you prefer to craft for.